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the dark soul......
What a letdown. Call me a prissy or whatever but the dark soul was for us, not some random NPC we just met.
Im also a bit let down, but im glad we get to interact with the Dark Soul in at least some way
I guess....I just wish we got something better for his soul other than a re-skin executioners greatsword.
Did anyone try to give it to the painter yet?
( I haven't seen the painting completed yet, it's a quick theory with NO valuable proof of ANY kind )

Fear the Old Blood... Could it be ? Could it be... the essence of Yharnam ? Could it be where was born "Bloodborne" ?
Created... by the last pigment of the Dark Soul ?
... Its own blood ?
It would be way cool. What if on the screen it said "Bloodborne 2 Greenlight"?
Im pretty sure they confirmed a sequal for BB wouldnt happen

But id consider it a reward if they did connect dark souls and bloodborne
The painter says like two more lines of dialogue and you get nothing... Wtf From?
Exactly. If this is the only thing we get that is left of the dark soul, she and Gael can go ***** themselves, I'm keeping it.
I have this to the Painting Woman in the Ariandel Chapel... She asked for my name, which I have, and then said she would finish painting a cold, dark, and gentle world. Honestly not sure what happens now
I just had a thought. Do you have Bloodborne on the same system? Try playing Bloodborne and see if there's anything new.
Bloodborne is not really what i think about when i hear cold dark and gentle. If you really think about it, words to describe bloodborne may revolve around things out of the name, such as warmth from blood for instance
go to the bonfire at friede's
Perhaps she asks you for your name because she plans to name the painting after you.
maybe something happens when you beat the game after you beat this dlc
I've beaten the game after i've beaten the DLC, and nothing happens EXCEPT I think you get a new credits music, it's not so different from the original one but i'm pretty sure there are added instruments and it's overall more awesome
Hmm... I wonder what happends if you beat all the DLC's first before beating the Soul of Cinder...
I mean.. pretty awesome dlc, but hey, that's the and? That's really all? You give this "pigment" to the painter, and then?
And then there is "Blood" borne.
That's it. The world is literally about to cave in on itself and there's nothing you can do. But hey, you get a painting named after you. Congratulations.
if you go to the dreg heap bonfire after can you hear loud moans comming from the ruins, tested with a other char the moans aren't there the first time.

however, not sure if this is a effect of giveing the blood of the dark souls or not.
did u look up? that thing is making those moans.
It does not, I triggered it before that was possible for me, but I saw the egg crumble, I think that triggered it.
So the painter paints sweden? :-D
Nah, she said welcoming.