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Strategy 6 worked flawlessly for me.
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Soul of Cinder: Last boss of ds3

Slave Knight Gael: Last boss of all ds series
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I think FS will make Dark Souls 4 and it will be set in Londor.
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I accidentally beat the game on newgame without going to the DLC and had to beat him and everything again in NG+ beat im 7th try just like Midir and now i beat him first try on everything, an amazing boss, in my opinion nowhere close to as cool or as good as Knight Artorias but one really incredible made boss to end Ds3...hopefully not the series but who knows.
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But of the best kind!
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There's some confliction information present on the wiki. This page says that Gael isn't considered an abyssal enemy during any of its phases. But the page for the Farron Greatswords contradicts that.
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Man, Old Wolf Curved Sword shreds this man, idc that he's resistant to slashing damage. I'm sure there's a lot of people who can probably do him in completely without equipment and at sl1, but I don't consider myself an especcially good dark souls player, so I was very proud when I actually beat him first try, first time I fought him at sl123.
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Where is his dialogue?
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Took me 4-5 tries to kill him yesterday, and I gotta say, after having done Nameless King, Midir, and many easier bosses where the camera is your worst enemy, I almost shed a tear the first time Gael threw his biggest wombo combo and jumped 30m away, and the camera held firmly locked on him and everything was readable.

I adore those DS badass knight bosses with simple cool lore and balanced challenging fights (Artorias, Raime, Alonne), and Gael really is the quintessence of this formula.
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Locked camera is for cuck noobs.
By Anonymous
Ignore the other reply. They don't know what they're talking about.
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Interesting that all those great bosses you mention are all in DLC. Wonder why they save this niche kind of boss fight for DLC
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what an amazing boss to end a fantastic series that has lasted years and captured the hearts and minds of many. a tip for you if you have both DSR and DS3 dlc. practice for Gael on artorias, they are both fast bosses with split second roll times and if you git gud at artorias you will have a much easier time with Gael. if you dont have both games i suggest you study Gaels moveset and get used to his speed.
By Anonymous
This was an awesome fight to end the series. Though when it was done I felt kind of ...hollow.
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