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For all sorcerers, google 'Intelligence kills Slave Knight Gael', he's not that hard to defeat
The greatest boss fight in all of Souls but a very emotional one as well. Standing in the grey desolate sands post defeat knowing Dark Souls is over hits the feelz man....I cry everytime. Halp!
This fight is freaking EPIC, but holy***** it was difficult. Took me like 2 hours of trying, probably died like 30 times. It feels like you are fighting Bloodborne boss, but of course you have speed and pacing of Dark Souls character.
Fight BlackFlame Friede and come back.
Personal favorite boss fight of the souls series. It was challenging but felt fair, the camera wasn't a pain, the music was fantastic... just generally a very enjoyable fight.
I wanted this boss to have 3 health bars.
He does thare just all combined To make one extremely large health bar
I liked the fight, but the difficulty felt very underwhelming, i killed him in my first try. Thought he had more than 2 phases, but to my surprise he died when he hit 0. :/
TO EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T USE LOCK-ON AND IS HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THIS GUY: Use lock-on and he's a pushover I believe this is the only instance in the entire game where lock-on was actually beneficial if not crucial, all other instances it gets me killed.


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Not sure why this got downvotes but yes. Lock on is crucial for him because of sweeping combos followed by Cloak delay. Killed him 3rd try. However, I will point out that Lock-on is useful for nearly all enemies. No lock on doesn't make a good player, it's being able to freely toggle between. Backstabs and parrys require very precise angels and most Combos/openings need it for you to take full advantage.
Havel shield, my best friend from Dark Souls 1. They made it (for me) not that great in this game, it was even worse in Dark Souls 2. Only fight where I decided to equip a greatshield over constant rolling and I managed to beat him without a problem. +3 stamina regeneration ring helped a lot. Blocking his attacks felt like blocking enitre combos of main boss of DS1 DLC. "Good luck. I'm behind a massive rock"
The single unfair thing about this boss that keeps me frustrating is his attack when his sword stucks in the ground - it keeps aiming on you when you move around the boss when in my vision of common sense it should stay in place.
No mention in the trivia section, despite all the attempts to link various aspects of Gael to other FromSoftware titles, about the fact he is literally 9-Ball Seraph in a Dark Souls setting?