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You two armt the only ones left the girl with the mad king is still there and the one ringed knight
Okay so I have 66 strength, with a Ledo's Great Hammer and it takes 3-4 hits to stagger him, and he doesn't stagger from a Fully charged Heavy. Did they buff him or what? My first attempt I used a Zweihander that could stagger him in one charged heavy
You should have 60 strenght to begin with after that it doesn’t really affect your damage and to stagger him you actually need to do 4 hits of high damage so using twin blades is way better because they are fast
This wiki page is missing Gael's dialogue in the cutscene before the fight.
If you listen carefully during phase 2 + 3. Gael's greatsword makes a loud clang on impact. :thinkingemoji:
"Gael has killed every last living being in existence" Two things . Two pygmy lords are still alive ( one in cut scene ) . I don't suppose Gael is aware of aliens, is he? Cuz i am sure as s$% that he has killed all the aliens in the universe's existance!!!
1, that pygmy lord is most likely dying. 2, you're not funny.
Gael being the final boss of the DLC was kinda predictable IMO, but they did mostly a good job with this fight, the only things I dislike are the unnecessary visual noise added during the third phase of the fight, and that roll-catching cape is very annoying.
"Visual noise" Wut?
Please read what the ***** you just said.
"Gael shouts, then attacks from above and covers himself using his new weapon - coat.". I mean, you're not wrong, but when you put it like that, it just sounds comical.
I enjoyed this fight, but one this is certain though: HE'S *****ING FAST, but that makes him even more epic
When I coop with people they always die in the third phase. When low Hp I think this boss become more agressive and lock on the host.
Frost weapon/ carthus curved sword. He's resistant to bleed, sure, but not immune. Frost builds up faster, and bleed eventually kicks in as well.