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He’s pretty advanced, he made the first machine gun.
now is the time for jolly cooperation
everyone with a piece of the dark soul died... for a f$&#ing painting? seriously?????
Bob Ross: The Horrific Truth
After defeating Gael, a knight with two big swords appeared. Is this normal?
THere's 2 enemies in that entire area besides Gael. 1 is the RInged Knight with the greatswords, and the other is on the opposite side, who is Fillianore's Knight Shira, who is the one who asked/assists you to kill Midir.



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I bled Gael to death with a blood bandit's knife ;)
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What is your build
*Sees Weaknesses* Okay, good, those GSs should do well against hi- *Sees he’s resistant to slash* Dafuq??
Go great hammer I used great mace a charged r2 will stun
Vordt’s GH with RT Ring and PRE must make him look like a *****
Both he and Midir have far too much *****ing health. Honestly, I’m happy that I tried Ringed City DLC at my friend’s before jumping at the chance to buy it. This is the least exciting and least rewarding boss fight since the Ancient Dragon in DS2
Nah, you just suck. Gael has a lot of HP because his fight is technically three phases. As for Midir? I agree. Midir is a pretty lame boss with too much HP and defense ratios in the wrong places.
Compared to elfriede's ridiculous three phase/health bar fight, And midir's far too high HP (I don't even think kalameet had this much), Gael is a breath of fresh air. A tough 3 phase fight with the same health bar made this battle a lot more enjoyable comparably.
You do realize that midir is a descendent of the ancient dragons?
personally, as a sorcerer I found phase 1 to be harder than phase 2 or 3. Maybe it was so "easy" because he only did like 5 attacks in phase 2/3. The crossbow, corona, soul "explosion", the leap attack and the 2 hit combo, no crazy crossbow-ninja-flipping etc. Nonetheless it was still a challenging fight and I'm happy I did it
This boss and the entire DLC was such a major step up from Ashes of Ariandel. Ariandel was so bad...Lady M- I mean Friede was even worse. Always look forward to doing this DLC and fighting Gael. Truly a fitting final boss.
Ashes of ariandel was a good dlc. The only thing that I disliked in it, is that disgusting flies. Reminded me of cave with boneweels in the first dark souls.