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By Anonymous
Why do ppl think that a boss that just constantly attacks with no down time is good design? Answer: they're a Dark Souls fanboy (Midir and Gael both are just little to no down time and hyper aggressive making the fight more luck than skill while showcasing the lazy development that this dlc is. At least the rest of the game had real design behind the fights.)
By Anonymous
Lol you say this lazy??? THEN LOOK AT THE DEMON RUİNS ON DS1
By Anonymous
Midirs fight is literally designed to leave openings to the head after almost everything he does
By Anonymous
wtf are you on about? Gael is full of openings if you just pay some attention and don't get greedy. I know it's overused by now but git gud dude
By Anonymous
lmaooo someone hasn't been using dodge roll right.
By Anonymous
Gael is very well designed, he has many openings but mixes up some attacks so you don't just brainlessly learn his entire moveset and go by memory. DS3 has very fast and responsive movements so the bosses need to be equally quick to still pose a challenge.
If you want slower gameplay play Demon's Souls or Dark Souls 1. Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne are fast and feature aggressive enemies by design.
By Anonymous
Wow, man yeah, write an essay on the balanced difficulty of a great Dlc Ringed City and Old Hunters are the best Dlc. Just learn to dodge hit once or sword and shield strafe to his right. Don't write an essay just practice u can win btw Isshin took 8 hours but I won flawlessly every time now.
By Anonymous
U must not be very good
By Anonymous
Lmfao git gud you absolute scrub
By Anonymous
I found the second and third phase way easier, because I can use with much more profit the Hollowslayer Greatsword. It's just space space space, then after his attacks, go and punish him using both hands, until your stamina bar depletes. Then jump back and repeat. And may the Poise be with you!

Great fun battle, by the way...
By Anonymous
This boss stands out in phase 2 because the cape hitbox makes the attacks genuinely difficult to dodge whereas practically ever attack from every other boss is super easy to dodge once you learn the various delays but dodging Gael’s attacks that follow with the cape swipe feel nearly frame perfect or you’ll be punished.
By Anonymous
Wrong I am a caster and I love that attack because you don't need a perfect I frame u can dodge it. It's counter-intuitive but you have to dodge into it then dodge away to avoid that cape.
By Anonymous
He does that in phase 3 in phase 2 he throws away the white and repeating crossbow btw
By Anonymous
Way of the white
By Anonymous
One of the characters in the Elden ring gameplay reveal is carrying Gael's greatsword les goooooo
By Anonymous
this one was so hard i thought it would take weeks to kill him since when i first hitted him the bar didn't dropped many HP but after some crisis ,10 years of training and meditation and of course an ember 2 ashen estus flasks i FINALLY DID IT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!
By Anonymous
İf you gonna play this game again try hollow slayer in phase 2 u can almost finish him while he is getting to phase 3
By Anonymous
Anyone notice geal has a hole in his chest I mean damn man I think you need to go home and get some medical attention
By Anonymous
It's the representation of the dark sign
By Anonymous
still doesn't mean he doesn't have a hole in his chest
By Anonymous
Great fight. Cool moves and is hard but not annoying
By Anonymous
I may be wrong but gael in this stage is the second most powerful living thing in the dark souls universe right? Just below aldia
By Anonymous
Bearer of the Curse couldn't even damage prime Vendrick in the memory but managed to defeat Aldia. I can't see prime Vendrick being stronger than prime Lords or Manus so it stands to reason Aldia is not that powerful in the grand scheme of things. Yes, Vendrick was strong as even hollowed he was about as strong as top tier threats in DS2 but I think it's just that DS2 has considerably weaker characters, everyone you fight is a 'normal' creature or some warrior, in DS1 and DS3 you fight Lords and Lord of Cinder not to mention manifestations of primal concepts like Manus.
Furtive Pygmy is definitely the strongest character in the Souls verse but we don't know what fraction of that power Gael has access. For the ending to make sense, Gael should canonically be killed by the Ashen One before he kills Soul of Cinder so there's an argument to be made that SoC > Gael.
By Anonymous
i don't think aldia is that powerful, he's just immortal. since gael has the entire dark soul, i imagine he'd be the most powerful thing in the world by the time you fight him. \

also, for july 26 guy: the furtive pygmy wasn't too powerful, infact being quite weak. it didn't have the entire dark souls since it split it up to create humanity. i also think vendrick being invincible was just a gameplay mechanic since he's necessary for a few important things
By Anonymous
This Wiki says he’s resistant to Bleed, and is additionally resistant to Dark damage later in the fight; meanwhile, here I was with a +5 Frayed Blade & flexed on Slave Knight Gael by staying aggressive & blocking with my shield only when absolutely necessary. I did this boss on a Dex build and still beat him on my first try!
By Anonymous
no one care
By Anonymous
You cared enough to comment, anon, so joke’s on you!
By Anonymous
How is that relevant? It says he’s resistant to slash and bleed, not immune to it.
By Anonymous
joob job why the hate and 2 dislikes tho ?
By Anonymous
To Anon 4, I have no idea; guess people hate Dex builds.
By Anonymous
The "hate" is probably because this comment is irrelevant, he is not immune to Dark and bleed, OP is just dumb and can't read
By Anonymous
Anon (20 July) good joke! If you would *read* what OP said you would learn that they didn't say immune! (smh why are ableists the dumbest people)
By Anonymous
i'm surprised you managed to beat him before that damn frayed blade broke lol. Or did you carry repair powder? I've never actually had to use repair powder before, but I never use weapons with such low durability
By Anonymous
Anon (Aug 16th), I never carried any Repair Powder nor did I feel the need to use it. I just won by sheer luck.
By Anonymous
i remember a fan song was made for geal i cant remember what it was called
By Anonymous
Aviators - The Red Hood?
By Anonymous
i think so
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