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Please don't have a 5% drop rate like the concords. PLEASE.
all covenant items are like that, furthermore it drops from ringed knights which are even more of a pain in the *** to fight much less farm
I don't think farming is the way to go for this covenant. Not only is the drop rate small, the Ringed Knights are spread out far and wide across the The Ringed City so there really isn't any quick farming route as far as I know. I'm probably just going to get the 30 through being summoned, I've had enough farming for one souls game.
I feel you on that one 3 days straight of farming silver knights before the covenant got patched xD
Concord was 2.1% drop
much lower than concords


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its covenant item for spears of the church covenant :\ I WANT THAT MOONLIGHT BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE 97% trophy T-T
Anything in the DLC doesn't count towards 100% completion in the games mind. Also, you get the moonlight spell from killing Midir. Only reason to kill him is the katana and spell, covenant is shots.
But how do i join the covenant
You have to kill Darkeater Midir(dragon) he drops the covenant badge.
You get 1 of these if you kill a host with no summons, but 2 if you kill a host with at least 1 summon, that is 1 still alive as the host dies.
I think it scales beyond that as I got 3 and my host summoned I think 3 guys. One summon was alive for me too when the fight ended so I beat 3 guys. Maybe it's based on how many you beat.
From Ringed City Streets bonfire you have access to 5 Ringed City Knights, 4 are at the ruined building while the 5th you plunging attack beside the bridge, leaving you with a short jog to the bonfire unless you're using Homeward Bone or Coiled Sword Fragment to reset your droprate.
Or if you have a decent internet connection you can just play the game and destroy some gank squads. Nothing easier than that because you still have the advantage in this fight.
This drop rate is worse than the human dregs or the silver knights, ive farmed 9 ring knights for the past 3 hrs. Ive gotten 0. Each run takes around 10 minutes, this is insane
I've been farming the ones outside of the ringed city streets bonfire. It's not too long of a run. Charged R2 from Dark Astora Greatsword sends them flying and by the time they recover, you can get in another charged R2. In NG at least that's enough to kill them.
Item is useless when are you actually going to use it if you do use it you can only use it in one spot such a horrible item
I have both items wish I never wasted my time on farming this idiotic spear ornament
you can also find one on the way to Dark Eater Midir, if you jump over the ladder past the illusionary wall