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I really like this set, looks a lot like jousting armor.
It has the Frog-Mouth Helmet, one of my favorite helmets of all time!
Maybe wearing this set will make the Lance useful
The helmet resembles the one from the Loyce set in DS2, but there's probably no connection.
It's a *****ing stechhelm. It's like saying "hey, that common normal motorbike helmet looks like that other motorbike helmet".
Actually this is straight up the Heavy Knight Armor set from Demon Souls, if you want Loyce Set check out the Ruin Set.
Ruin Set is the Ruin Setinel set from DS2, it even says it in the description.
As for it resembling the Loyce Set, I came to that conclusion as well.

But as someone already said you probably got to that conclusion through looking at the helm, which is a helmet type, and nothing unique.
How to get this set! I must know!
I like the way this set looks
it's in the prison tower area where you fight the mourning invader, just instead of heading to the crumbling floor go the other way and talk him, then come back
well more of a shared grave but sure does feel like one
Yo just found it. Once you tell Lapp where the purging monument is you'll find him with his memories restored. He'll tell you to do something a cutscene will play and afterwards you can find his armor where you found him in shared graves.
where do you find him after the purging monument??
Where do you find him after telling him about Purging Monument? I tried looking through shared graves but couldn't find him?
Third encounter is Ringed City Inner Wall bonfire, through the small hallway and on the balcony.
He is in the Shared Grave in one of the rooms
The chest piece looks like thorolund armor...time to cosplay Fatrus!
This has defence stats nearly as good as Havels set, weighing far less too.
All heavy armors got a major buff. They are pretty much all on pat with eachother now.
Does anyone have the item descriptions? I can't find them anywhere and I want to know if they have any lore surrounding Patches.
It just says the same as the armor, except it's like "This helm, wich covers the entire head, etc"