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what class of weapon is this?
Seems to be a catalyst of some sort.
It is a staff. And a scary one at that... The weapon art hits like a truck driving back and forth on you... I know this because someone used it on me in the arena.
It's a staff that also has club r1 attack. Weapon art is really fast but has a rather narrow hitbox. I believe it's also the second best sorcery catalyst in the game


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It's a sorcery catalyst that have a really fast melee range WA> Spell Buff is a bit lower than CSS
They also used the word "fillet" for the weapon arte of the crucifix of the mad king... Someone had fillet on the brain I guess.
Preacher's Right Arm +5
12 Str / 16 Dex / 60 Intel

Physical: 190 + 7
Critical: 100
Spell Buff: 229
FP Cost: 5
Weight: 2.0

D-Rank Str Scaling
S-Rank Int Scaling

The WA makes it useful for melee-range encounters but the loss of Steady Chant and overall lower Spell Buff makes it slightly weaker than Court Sorcerer's Staff +10.
But the fact that it's also a weapon allows you to use the scholars candlestick while still having a melee option.
Is there a left arm?
Bruh.... really???
He wants the Fabulous Preacher fashionsouls ofcourse, LET THE FEAST BEGIN!
Why does the weapon art say "Use souls"?
soul sorcery, doesnt actually consume ur souls
This weapon is broken af on a high-stamina 50+ int build. You can spam the weapon art repeatedly (which activates and hits the target in half a second) and does ludicrous magic damage, not to mention the stunlock potential. I combo'd the ***** out of the dual-greatsword Ringed Knight just by spamming the L2 button over and over and over. Good staff. 10/10.
Same here. Just think of the irony, a staff of all things is what's going to stir up PvP itself.
finally i can jerk off with something other than my hand!
Try a Washing Pole +10 you can then experience washing your pole with a washing pole (Don't do this on a bleed build).
Ok this is pretty much the best/worst staff right now, just because of that damned weapon art. It's the Heysel Pick Mk.2.
Same here. Just think of the irony, a staff of all things is what's going to stir up PvP itself.