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So, Midir was pretty much the dragon equivalent of Artorias. Both tasked with fighting the abyss until the end, kinda sad really...
Poor dragon was just being used by the gods.
Don't try and make this cheap move spamming delaying ****** sympathetic. He would have tried to eat you even if he was raised among his own kind.
My thoughts exactly.
Midir at least had the good fortune to be killed before being consumed by the Abyss, though he was close.
He has Artorias charging the Abyss n Burst too... Tail swipe when u behind him also like Artorias behavior when u stay behind him.



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After Dark Souls 1 established "dragons have no souls" only to be retconned by Dark Souls 2 with bosses like Sinh and Guardian Dragon dropping souls that could be made into weapons, now we come to... a Miyazaki dragon creation who has a soul that can made into weapons (well, a weapon or a spell). I wonder what his personal interpretation for the discrepancy caused by the second game is that he decided to do this?
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Maybe since this is just a descended of the Archdragons it has a soul? or maybe being raised by the gods?
The dragon was corrupted by the abyss and contracted "new_soul" an extraordinarily fatal disease that has no known cure other than being killed by undead. But even this is just a transmission of the disease to the one who defeats you.
Midir is a dragon that was raised by the gods, so maybe the gods gave him a soul, or maybe the soul that he drops is not his own but instead an agglomerate of the souls he ate.
Miyazaki has always said that the onset of disparity caused by the First Flame gave the Everlasting Dragons life, something they had never had before. As a result, the "true" everlasting dragons who survived became known as Archdragons or Ancient Dragons, and gained souls. Kalameet and the Gaping Dragon are actually outliers, but this is likely due to the fact that not all bosses in DS1 dropped souls, unlike the later games.
The reason this dragon has a soul is because it has been tainted by the abyss itself. Dragons can rot, develop hunger and bloodlust, and be absorbed by humanity in time. Still, the Gaping Dragon and Kalameet didn't have *core* souls either, just loose soul power.
It's a weird looking soul too, it's all black and wispy, it's got two little dots in the middle... OH MY GOD THE SOULS LOOKING AT ME
it appearance is owed to the fact that midir had constant contact with the abyss ever since the old gods.
Wow... they need to fix the lockon... going without it is just instant death from a stray strike.



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Midir got corrupted fighting with the Abyss that's why you see dark crystals/particles appear in his body and somehow acquired dark powers (Dark Laser Beam/ Dark Fire Breath). Hmm.. if he is a descendant of the Archdragons... I wonder how huge the the Everlasting dragons was if Midir is already that big.
around as big as the ancient dragon from ds2 we can assume
Probably larger, since that dragon was crafted in the image of the everlasting dragons and with the soul of a giant.
If I am not entirely mistaken, the original dragons had no real souls (at least no giant souls) and from the opening cinematic they also seem quite a chunk larger than the ancient dragon from DS2.
I'd assume around twice the size of Seath maybe, since to me he seemed quite a chunk weaker than his brethren. From a physical standpoint, he did lack the scales of stone, so his muscles would definitely have been less refined - on top of Seath being somewhat deformed (pointing towards his tentacles).
Same guy as above again, I retract my point about the size of dragons (somewhat) - in the opening cinematic (DS1) one can see a Silver Knight standing some distance from a dragon and reaching around the height of his knees (estimated). /
Judging by the fact that Silver Knights are easily 1.5x/2x the size of the player character in...well, all games actually, I would think that the player characer would reach about the lower half of the calves of an everlasting dragon - so pretty much the same size as Midir; maybe a little taller. /
Granted, this is all based around what we see of one dragon, and it doesn't have to be the tallest. ///

Another comparison could be the sunlightbolt that Gwyn fires at the dragon losing his face. Judging by general proportions I would assume that the bolt has around the same length as the dragons face, maybe a little less (so around half the length of the entire head).
Judging by the proportions to the neck and torso shown in the intro, I'd estimate the head accounting for maybe 10% of the body length (probably less). So the whole dragon would be around 10x2 lightningbolts aka. 20 lightningbolts long (minimum). Also taken from the intro is that the lightningbolts were around 1.5x the size of Gwyn himself, whom I'd conservatively estimate to be 2.5m - 3m tall. Running the maths, the Dragon would be 30 Gwyn-lengths long, which in turn would result in a total length of around 75m - 90m - which is a lower end estimate I'd assume. Comparing that to the ancient dragon (or Midir), whom I'd estimate to be closer to 30m - 40m long, the ancient dragons (at least the larger ones) would be quite the chunk larger than Midir and the ancient dragon. That would probably be referring to the taller dragons though; either that or the perspective in the DS1 intro (with the knight portion) really *****s estimates over.
Actually, you can see the corpse of an Archdragon at Archdragon Peak, up where you get the Dragon Torso Stone on the ledge. Its body is draped over a couple of mountains.
From the description, it seems he is sane, despite of the fact that he attacks us, afterall, it is his duty to attack us, the offspring of the abyss, we are from dark and are the ones that he has to fight.
So, Shira tells us to kill Midir because she thinks Midir is crazy now, but probably it is the opposite, Midir might be the last one stands against the dark souls, against humanity.
No, Shira still loves Midir, and wants Midir to rest. as he has been corrupted by the very thing he was sworn to destroy by the gods, Look at his description. He was destined to fight the Abyss for eternity. Just like Artorious it consumed him and Shira has us put him out of his misery.
Soul gives 20,000 if someone wants to add that.
Yes hello?
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Dude, just rip him another a-hole :)
i feel your pain