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Does it have normal excutioner sword FP regen power too?
The real question is: would it matter?
yeah i think its good fp regen itself without use ashen flask, with the new pact excutioner fp regen is more good
I dont know if it does the FP regen, but it would make it able to use the WA a lot more. So that would be a great plus if it has it.
From the desciption of its weapon art... is it most likely a new spinning version of Guts berserk attack ?
yeah it can be, because gael really look like guts version
Why would anyone compare this old guy to guts? Guts could bisect him in one swing, easy.
Haha 2 guys being complain like a little girl ^^
Why they look a like ? Think the way story goes read the description of Gael souls then read berserk comic not new anime trash, after that you will understand if you know symbolism ^^
Oh, I get the symbolism, what with the repeating crossbow. I just don't get why they say he's stronger than guts.
Gael also have repeating frickking crossbow
He is guts with beards comfirmed. Greatsword, the crossbow, the cover art of fire fade edition, and his hunting of the dark souls is like guts hunting the god hands
Please don't compare this guy to guts, it's really bad.
Yep totally guts characters ^^
Ugh...comparing this guy to guts is like comparing an Olympic gymnast to a gym teacher.
It's just guts in later years guys
Did anyone else notice that Gael's Greatsword is literally a Giant Broken Straightsword? It has the exact same break in the blade, the same profile, and a lot of the same damage on the edge. Fitting, since the first weapon the Chosen Undead gets all the back in Dark Souls 1 is a Broken Straight Sword. Things really have come full circle.
Wow i like your teory nice, and think ds1 ending was link the flame so there is a chance came full circle and Gael find the sword
Actually just like it says in the item description it's an executioners great sword, which often had a flat tip instead of a pointed one.
“That thing was too big to be called a sword.
Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of iron.”
Thats what she said (also nice reference)
*cough* Artorias! *cough*



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this thing vs the repeating crossbow? wish you could get both in one play through.
Its a tough call. Iv not seen its moveset but i have seen the repeating crossbow and it looks sick as *****

If this sword is even half as cool (and good) as it is when the boss uses it, its a seller imo.
You can spam the WA for a while and it barely takes FP. Ive been running around spamming the WA and throwing in a R1 or R2. This is the most op pvp weapon ive seen if you just focus on WA combat.
Try spamming WA while fighting dagger opponent, easily dodge, quickstep while nick your hp. And before you know it, you already dead.
Im pretty sure you get maybe hyper armor or something but i trade when fighting a katana or dagger.
Is it possible to link gael to Aldrich and so on with "belonging to an executioner" and possibly being the very person who tortured Anri and Horace where Horace took his armor? There's never really been any hint that the executioner died and Gael personally has generally come off as either not sane but also a cruel person
I just wish his dying words were "Fear The Old Blood" or Fear The Dark Blood" then the painter paints Yharnam and you go in...