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Horrible to use. Reduces HP by 20/35/50%!
Spell use counts are rounded up using this ring. That means that a 1-use spell WILL get a second use even with the +0 ring. A fairly decent trade for 20% hp.
Does that stack with hexer's hood additively, giving you +2 uses of soul spear and crystal soul spear above the base charges, or does it give you a total of 20% extra spell uses with the base ring so you only get one extra use?
+1 reduces your HP by 25% NOT 35%
I was stoked to use this ring until I saw how much HP it removed. I put quite a bit more points into VGR than most caster builds recommend and it still took me down to an incredibly short bar. Unless you’re good at kiting enemies and never using melee (which is almost impossible/tedious), this ring is NOT worth it
i'm gonna sell mine
If you have spells with few uses anything more than +10% will be useless.
Go with Southern ritual band for more slot with the same spell or Crown of the Old Iron King instead as it restore spell uses by 20% every 2 min (rounded up to at least +1).
+2 is pretty much useless/suicide for anything other than a glass cannon sorcery/hex build.
useless items, die in a hit, against the bosses you are sure to lose. I have played 5 times but never used it.
Cool in theory, but impractical ij most cases, since even at high ATN, powerful spells often have 2 or 3 casts, and the rings are calculated so that +10% of 3 casts is a single extra cast, and +30% of 3 casts is also just one extra cast. Like other comments say, stick to spell regen items and be conservative with powerful spells in general
Use when fully hollowed for best results