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By Yuuji
Just an add on, he can be poisoned.
By Anonymous
Wait, does this mean that Gael will be a boss? :o
By Anonymous
i think it is
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By Zethras
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I'd say it's a matter of fact, by now...chances are that he's the DLC final boss and, thus, the Dark Souls series final boss
By Anonymous
Gael is the final boss who has fused himself with the Dark Soul.

Pretty anticlimatic if I say so myself. Would've preferred the serpents to be the boss.
By Anonymous
If it is the final boss, I am done with Fromsoft. A true letdown.
By Anonymous
Yeah, but try not to be disappointed. You're ending the series by fighting the holder of the very title of the game: The DARK SOUL.
By Anonymous
He's still a pathetic excuse for a final boss of a series as grand and incredible as Dark Souls.
By Anonymous
If I can say something, if From wants to make this fight memorable, he may need to turn into the Dark Soul itself after you kill him ala Sister Friede, and just start giving you a hard time.
By Anonymous
He better turn into something fitting for the end of dark souls itself because we don't even get the dark soul, just his that will most likely transpose into a re-skin executioner's greatsword, which would just be the icing on the cake.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Yeah he consume by dark souls i think the only way to stop it is to kill him
By Anonymous
I don't care about the serpents, just that it's him.
By Anonymous
Gotta say, Gael's fight was pretty awesome
By Anonymous
You do end up getting the true Dark Soul though. It's trapped inside Gael's blood, to be used for the creation of a new world. And in that I can find a beautiful symbolism, namely that the very thing to which the series owes its name, is now the basis for a new world. Link that to From soft itself, Dark Souls may be over, but that what made this series great will still serve as inspiration for their next projects.
By Anonymous
Are you*****ting me? This random guy is the final boss of the entire series AND just gets to have what we have been literally dying to have for three games? I'm done.
By Anonymous
The final boss of the series is Soul of Cinder. What were you expecting from the DLC if not a subplot of the main story?
By Anonymous
But the DLC ending IS the dark souls ending itself. If they are going to end it all with this guy, when they have so many other huge characters of the story to use, then I am at a loss for words. What a letdown.
By Anonymous
Cry more.
By Anonymous
Done ?Are you stupid not search it first ? Their buld up *****ing good , do you play ds1? You should know dark souls of a man or you just hater with no life^^
By Anonymous
That's not it, I just don't get why HIM. We barely just met him.
By Anonymous
i feel the same. Some random *** dude that ripps the Painting of Ariandel out of his *** is the final and last Boss in the entire Dark Souls Franchise :D To be honest, the standard game was better than the DLCs. Ariandel was a*****show hands down, Ringed City was better, but i prefer every other area in the Vanilla Game, Lothric Castle, Irythill, Anor Londo, all these are better and more fun to explore than these 2 DLCs...

The bosses aren't that good... Like OP said, its just a *****ing random dude. Sure, Soul of Cinder is the last, but this guy here as the last Boss in Dark Souls, is pretty stupid.
By Anonymous
It really is, they have so many characters from the lore that we have never seen before and...just pissed them all away because now, we will never see or know them and as such have become pointless. All that built up of the lore over the entire series...poof, they might as well have never mentioned them in the first place.
By Anonymous
So many people are whining like spoiled little brats. "This random dude is the last boss in dark souls wah" First of all, no, he's not. He's the last mandatory boss for the DLC, but the dragon's a much more difficult fight, and reminds me of a slightly easier Kalameet. Second, just because they're not making any more full games or DLC doesn't mean there's 0 chance of a Scholar of the First Sin style patch and re-release that could have a bit more to tie it all together.
By Anonymous
They were in such a hurry to***** out 'content' whilst keeping it as vague and convoluted as possible to maintain that Dark Souls feel that they totally forgot to give the series any sort of meaningful closure.

I'd argue that this is the theme of Dark Souls: what instant fame and easy money begets is nothing more than assembly line copies until profitability slows to a crawl. Keep em confused while promising a resolution in the next release... Then quietly close up shop and go on vacation. All the dung pies should've been a hint.

Damn, sales have slowed to a crawl.. time for +3 rings...
By Anonymous
Yeah, the final boss fight in the entire franchise is just a reskinned Artorias that doesn't answer the main mystery of the whole franchise.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
If I'll be honest, Gael could shapeshift into an imperfect Primordial Serpent in the second phase of his fight.
By Anonymous
No chance man did you read ds1 and ds3 lore ? kaathe and freed dye long time ago can be killed by something ? Or they get old, and kaathe is cannot control all abyss only drakwraith and pigment there before kaathe
By Anonymous
You people need to chill the ***** out. You don't even know how this fight is going to go down. Gael is definitely going to transform or power up into something insanely memorable.
By Anonymous
If it's anything like blackflame Friede, I'm Hyped.
By Anonymous
You say to chill out but....we don't even get the dark soul and all we get from his soul is a re-skin of a sword we already have.
By BjorntheBear
Go fun and create your own game and then you can have a say in the decisions made. Or you could just buy an amazing game, have fun with it, and not sweat the small stuff. Seriously
By Anonymous
I just don't why when there's so much else to use.
By Anonymous
He doesn't really power up or change but he becomes like Artorias and it's awesome
By Anonymous
What will happen if we complete DLC 2 before DLC 1?
By Anonymous
I did this last night. What happens is that instead of entering the painted world through slave night Gael there will be a piece of the painting on the edge of the shrine
By Anonymous
slave knight gael leaves you to fight freide alone
By Anonymous
Anyone know what the sword Gael has in the Ashes DLC is called? I've seen people with it but can't find it.
By Anonymous
Executioner's greatsword - In the hollow area in the beginning of Cathedral of the Deep (Look around a dead end you drop down from a ledge)
By Anonymous
# lifesaver
Thanks brotha
By Anonymous
Executioner's Greatsword. Gael's is just an older version with his own moveset.
By Anonymous
is there Anyone who's consumed the soul, instead of transposing it? does it change anything, seeing as his soul is most close to the Dark Soul?
By Anonymous
It would be justified if something did happen, seeing as we were the ones that were supposed to have it in the first place since only we the champion can handle it....but sadly, I sincerely doubt it.
By Anonymous
It just gives you 20k souls. If you deliver it to the Painter (let's call her Ariandel) she will thank you and that's all. Gale Soul is pretty much Manus Soul from Dark Souls 1 DLC. I belive Manus was the Pygmy, since he could literally use humanity itself as sorcery and attack you, he could also turn people humanity wild, corrupt others through darkness and stuff like that. He also inhabbited the Abyss and we all know that the Abyss is linked with the Age of Men/Age of Darkness from Dark Souls 1. Kaathe even tells you about Pygmy and how he hid and waited untill the flame started to fade to try and rule with his age of Darkness, raising the abyss. Manus also means Hand in latin, so he has a Hand in all of this. Anyway, after Manus was killed his Dark Soul was consumed by the Chosen Undead. All Gale did was th amass a huge quantity of Dark Souls inside himself by feeding from the Pygmy Kings, the first descendants of Manus/Furtive Pygmy.
By Anonymous
Adding to my previous comment, by consuming the Dark Souls of the Pygmy Kings Gale humanity grew too large for him to contain and it went wild.
By Anonymous
Someone said it gives you 20k souls, but nothing else.
By Anonymous
He can be afflicted with poison toxic and bleed in case anyone was wondering.
By Anonymous
It takes forever though.
By Anonymous
One WA from the Storyteller Staff when he stares at you like an idiot at the beginning of phase 2 is enough to poison him
By Anonymous
This is essentially the dark soul
By Anonymous
No, no it's not. What you get out of it and the description says it all and it pisses me off to no end.
By Anonymous
Sorta, everyone has the Dark Souls (humans, that is). All Gale did was the amass a huge quantity of Dark Souls inside himself by consuming Furtive Pygmy first descendantes, the Pygmy Kings, souls. By doing so, Gale humanity grew to strong and went wild. He is pretty much Manus, though I belive Manus was the OG Pygmy, since he could literally shower you with barrages of humanity in offensive ways and turn other people humanity wild, so he could control it at will since this humanity came originally form himself. The fact that his souls has the same power as the Lord Souls (Gwyn and friends) giving the player the same amount of souls when consumed corroborates with this theory. The tale that Kaathe tells you about the Dark Lord also corroborates to this theory.
By Anonymous
I wouldn't really call Gael, "basically Manus". Anyway, Gael's humanity didn't "grow too strong", rather, it "grew too weak". For a-- let's just say a "really long time", the Darksign has been draining the Dark Soul(s) (Humanities) of its strength. It is only during the first phase of the fight that we see Gael entering the first stages of Hollowing (he begins to lose his mind first) as the Ember (a piece of the Light Soul), which is infused into every Undead through Gwyn's Darksign, continues to burn out his dark insides (note the gaping hole in his torso). Unlike Manus, whose Ember reacted violently with the Humanity he "so wisely" consumed to form the unstable Dark/Light hybrid soul that I like to call an Abyss Soul or Deep Soul,, the Undead/Pygmy (who are practically made of Humanity themselves) Knight Gael was not reacting well to this Ember. That is why at phase 2 when he notices and "activates" his Dark Soul, he stops hunching over, stops making growling noises, and stops trying to tackle us like some sort of deranged linebacker.
By Anonymous
Every soul has its dark