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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Heard a rumor this could be a Darkmoon-esque covenant
By Anonymous
I pray to god the covenant items aren't a pain in the *** to get like the Darkmoon ones. The godforsaken concords took me DAYS to collect 30 of.
By Anonymous
nope, they drop from ringed knights which.... are a pain in the *** to fight much less to farm those ornaments
By Anonymous
you either have to farm ringed knights or be summoned to PROTECT a boss fight.
By Anonymous
Protect??? As in invade before a boss or during? Either way sounds like a terrible idea because your going to face a gank squad which will murder you.
By Anonymous
You can revive the giant to fight halflight again
By Anonymous
Could be like the Looking Glass Knight in DS2 where you can be summoned into the boss fight of other playes?
By Anonymous
Believe it or not this is the thing I'm more excited for of all the dlc. I was so sad when I found out that there were no new covenants in ashes of ariandel, but this one seems very special... Maybe it will be a faith-oriented covenant? I hope so ;-;
By Anonymous
Great, another auto-summon covenant that will be dead within 2 weeks. What fun.
By Anonymous
Which means farm for days on end to get covenant items. Great...
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By eremHaNeoN
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I'm guessing they were thinking "hm you know Old Monk and Looking Glass Knight and how under-utilized they were? Let's give some incentive by making a boss like that but with an attached covenant." I think this is a great idea, how often it'll be actually used is another question. Boss fights + PvP is always interesting but the execution before was never quite done right. If it becomes unviable/the player base dies off I hope the drop rate for the covenant items is at least reasonable. They so far have not done anything to address the concord drop rate but maybe learned their lesson from everyone complaining about that. Maybe? FromSoft pls...

Regardless I'm glad to see them introduce a new covenant that is actually interesting and original for once after all the carry-overs and cookie cutter covenants we have now (Mound Makers aside, maybe, but then it's a problem because people will rarely ever summon a "white" sign Mound Maker - it's become another PvP covenant but with a purple hue).
By Anonymous
I really hope they made the drop rate good. I just CANT take another 5% drop rate issue...
By Anonymous
I miss the mirror knight boss battle invade mechanism.
Maybe this covenant will be like that?
By Anonymous
I have a horrible feeling that they'll allow the loyal spirit invaders to heal the boss too just like the Looking Glass Knight, that was infuriating. Still though, it will be something to do since most auto-summon covenants barely work not including the Aldrich Faithful. I may play as a full mage whilst doing this.
By Anonymous
The loyal spirits are the boss before Halflite from my experience with it so far (been getting summoned as this covenant even though I don't even have it yet)
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