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By Anonymous
Everybody gangsta till the spear gets ds1 poise
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
How I play Spears:

1 opponent: let them finish off the painting guardians at their leisure, and cast Great Heal without any safeguard(spear fragment, back to a wall, etc.)

2 opponents: let them kill the first painting guardian(it's usually dead when I show up anyways). Same as 1 opponent, but without letting them freely kill the second.

3 opponents: fight the second I leave the gate, first painting guardian is usually dead anyways. Can now cast Great Heal with safeguards(spear fragments and walls)

4 opponents: all out. Same as three opponents, but now I add Projected Heal into my bag of options.
By Anonymous
Dislikers are pu$$ies
By Anonymous
Honestly love this covenant, it's like an alt form of PVP- and given how often folks do invasions in the ringed city, there's always a chance Argo calls them up for a fun little war.

For those that don't like PVP, either, it's not too much of a hassle to go to R/summonsign and find a team dedicated to spear crushing. If you lose, it's not a problem; you're at a point in the game where you can go and shred the lothric knights outside Vordt for a handful of embers.

The only time I feel it's actually unbalanced is for solo hosts- the Spear can camp behind their wall and heal, and they have the soulmasses to protect them. If they removed the soulmasses in 1v1 spears, I'd say this is pretty much a perfect covenant
By Anonymous
Never had a good pvp experience, and hate the overpowered nature of Froms human npcs, so this boss just sucks ***.
By Anonymous
Best covenant ever.
By Anonymous
"you re the one invading, go to arena, don't expect us to be fair in another person's world, stop ruining the other's experience (summons are already there for that), etc etc."

Such hypocrisy comes from someone who didn't ever use a red orb to be in the invader's shoes, but then they get reeeally quiet when you enter in OUR bossroom, inside OUR domains where the boss is one of US.
By Anonymous
I had a different experience with this covenant fighting against me than other people in the comments.
I dont play offline and i dont summon help so ..yeah i got players invading ..and died many times.. untill i finally defeated the summoned player.
The npc boss summoned only one time for me, first time.. and i died to him...every other time there were players.
But.. there were a lot fun fights..even when i died there were about 5 or 6 fun fights in 10 to 15 times i repeated this fight...the most boring fight was with npc the first time.
Some players will stop agroing you and let you kill those painted guardian summons... thats nice of them... but if not prioritize them, i died most to them actually not the player.
You can dispach first summoned painted guardian right away, before player will be summoned, with backstab if you stand right behind the spot where he will apear...there even messages sometimes on the ground pointing out the right spot.
Use pillars to your advantage...
Player has a tell when casting that spear thing... dodge sideways and towards the player because it will open a way for you to counter attack.
Dont be greedy... when you dispach a second painted guardian summon.. you have all the time in the world.. get in, get a hit, get out... rinse and repeat.
As with any boss.. so with players, any players... best time to get a hit is when they finnish their carefully what they are doing and with what weapon...go towards them to provoke an attackand roll back right away...then roll towards them through the attack and get your counter attack from a roll and get out of the range imidiately.
Heal only when you have sufficient distance from the player and the player has started attacking and will miss you or is finishing attack animation..
Use buffs for weapons... dark is good against players generally...
Higher damage slow winging weapons in my experience proved better to get that one hit in... also it helps you dispach the painted guardian more quickly.
Sepparate the painted guardian and the player... guardian will be faster than the player and here you can use pillars to your advantage.
If you fail, try again... there is a good chance that you will get better with practice... you will get better at pvp in general and you may stumble upon a player that is at your skill level.
Good will win the fight eventually... slave knight Gael and Midir are harder than this fight...
By winged_spear_enjoyer
bad covenant. if it was WINGED SPEARS of the church, i would've considered joining.
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