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There's one elaborate gadget near the city ruins: tower access point. Just use your pod scanner near the little river near the bridge leading to the commercial center (and to the forest kingdom).
I was just there and it was a complex gadget..
I also got complex gadget, not elaborate gadget.
I got that final elaborate gadget, thanks!
You can get an elaborate gadget to spawn by starting the Wandering Couple quest in Pascal's Village (since it's a quest requirement), but only if you don't already have one in your inventory, it seems. I need 5 elaborate gadgets to upgrade my missile pod, but I have no idea how to get more now...
There isn't an elaborate gadget in the River, it's a complex gadget, which is a different material
Pretty sure due to quests that requrie elaborate gadgets, there arnt enough in the game
Not true, they respawn in multiple areas. Easiest way to farm them is transport back and forth from the city tower and the forest castle. You can find them in the crib where the king used to be and on top of the arch next to the tower, jump and float to reach the top of the arch.
Use Pod Scan in the forest, on elevated rocks (ones you use to reach 1 of the weapons) to find 1.
Confirmed there is one in the forest on the rocks forming a bridge over the river, near a chest.
Thanks bro.


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Definitely true. In the middle of a large, vaguely z-shaped rock formation along the river in Forest: Center.
could u tell me which weapon?
i *****ing hate this item it tool me five hours to get one
Agreed. It's not as bad as the eagle eggs from the first game, but then you need more of these too.
It's possible for one to spawn in the city ruins on top of Engle's bucket spinner arm, towards the crater
Factory: Hallway before So-Shi Boss (route C/D?). Found with Scanner Pod Unit.
Confirmed, found in the small hallway right after the elevator ride from Factory: Furnace.
Found 1 immediately where described. Thanks!
You get 5 Elaborate Gadgets as a reward for completing Reconnaissance Squad (95% enemy data).