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By Remmuz
It's basically a crossbow version of a short bow, either shoot regular paced bolts or hold down the WA button for FP consuming rapid fire
By Anonymous
Oh it's much better than that. The weapon art basicslly turns it into a machine gun.
By Anonymous
Add in an iron flesh and you've got yourself the new meta
By Anonymous
Guts builds are getting an upgrade.
By Anonymous
step 1. get repeating crossbow
step 2. obtain tons of splinter bolts
step 3. ???
By Anonymous
do repeating shots do less damage like the short bows rapid fire?
By Anonymous
Yeah, enough to make MANY people call the weapon trash, and I won't really disagree with them, basically just a worse avelyn that you can only use as one when two handing it, and costing your FP
By Anonymous
It does LOOK *****ing cool though, so, there's that, at least
By Anonymous
The durability of this Repeating Crossbow and the Frayed Blade is concerning. The Wood Grain Ring +2 will help a bit with the durability, but I wonder if these weapons are situational or if you can use them through an entire playthrough?
By Anonymous
durability has never, ever, ever become a problem for me. just bring some repair powder if you're that concerned.
By Anonymous
frayed blade and the washing pole have the same durability you probably shouldnt worry.
By Anonymous
Repair powder
By Anonymous
The new cancer of the Arena
By Anonymous
This is going to be awesome for a Guts build!!
By Zwolf94
I never even thought about that. Well Miyazaki is a berserk fan so we know where the inspiration came from
By Anonymous
i don't even want to imagine what this weapon art can do with exploding bolts.
By Anonymous
*insert nuke gif here*
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
With lightning bolts it's an infinite stun combo basically
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