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How much damage does it deal now that it has been buffed ?
from 210 to 228 ar, amazing
it won't let me edit
base is 83
+1 is 112
+2 is 141
+3 is 170
+4 is 199
+5 is 228
It may be the weakest, but atleast its the most awsome of the crossbows. If only "Repeat Fire" had an higher damage output.
can it use explosive bolts?
Light Crossbow has 4 less AR (224 vs 228) when maxed.
Does anyone know why the weapon art would not work, i have all the correct stats, got bolts and arrows to check, main-hand and off-hand checked and it just clicks like its not loaded?
Hold the weapon art then press to fire
you need to two hand it
i truthfully believe the WA should do full damage per bolt, which in turn would make this a GOOD *****ING WEAPON, why on earth would the autofired bolts deal nearly no damage when they're the SAME thing being shot, just a lot more
Because Everyone and their mother would then have this crossbow.
Basic physics, an auto-fired crossbow would produce less force behind the bolt than a single-fire crossbow.
Using the weapon art at close-medium range whilst locked on to Harald Legion Knights causes consistent consecutive headshots against them, allowing for anywhere between 800 and 1,300 damage per WA due to the headshot bonus benefiting each hit. Due to how headshots stun them briefly, this also keeps them completely immobilised for the duration of the weapon art.
Repeating crossbow + splintering bolts = total mayem.