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This thing is so freaking cool I don't care how "bad" it is.

Which it isn't, with splintering or explosive but still, that pose.

That pose speaks louder than stats for me.
Bratatatatatatatatata incoming.
The weapon art while being extremly awesomo looking deals terribly low damage, you need to hit at least 4 shots to get the damage of 1 regular***** which is a shame. Please From Software, dont let this weapon become forgotten in our chests and buff the weapon art.
Yeah, while this weapon is really good for roll-catching someone after you bring them down to 1hp or break Tears of Denial, it's really weak. Everyone i've met basically chose Gael's Greatsword over Repeating Crossbow. After about 30-40 matches in the arena i've only met 1 person with a Repeating Crossbow, which tells you alot.
Not everything needs to deal very high damage to be effective- take Farron Hail for example. This weapon serves the purpose of stopping multiple people or keeping one in particular on its toes.
Gael uses a GREAT SWORD and a REPEATING CROSSBOW. What could have possibly inspired that?
shut up already guts ***
He uses a broken executiner greatsword
A certain greatsword wielding badass is that every souls fan knows
this weapon is... quirky to say the least. As a normal crossbow, it's a bit below average if not inexplicably heavy (Why does it weigh as much as the freaking SNIPER CROSSBOW). the repeat fire always drifts to the right while firing, making the weapon most effective against large targets where all the shots will land, allowing you to do moderate damage against big bosses without having to wait for attack windows or getting up close and personal. Against players, unloading ten bolts into an invader that's running at you is almost certain to stagger them, even if they roll through it. It's certainly not top-tier, but it's fun and satisfying. I like it. (but why is it so freaking heavy?)
It's probably heavy because it's got a giant mechanism on top of it for firing repeated shots.
at first i thought gael was a combo of artorias and the orphan of kos but now i know his true origin he is the guts of the darksouls franchise a fitting homage to the origin of the series that inspired this amazing franchise
Finally the last piece of the puzzle for becoming the penultimate Guts cosplay
Nope, still need a proper cannon. None of that pyromancer bs.
wow, where to begin. this crossbow is so damn disappointing. it uses the exact number of bolts when you spray. thats ten bolts per squeeze. keeping in mind you can only carry 99 at a time of any type of bolt, you better be bringing stacks of all types of bolts to swap out when you burn thru em. and yet, this weapon doesnt end there. every pull of the WA consumes fp and durability. i think by going through one stack of bolts youll need to pop a repair powder too.

so... you must be getting a ton of damage output, right...? nope. its akin to a flashbang in pvp. one user already mentioned it drifts to the right. come the ***** on, at least get the accuracy right. it does stagger which ie nice but only if you manage to land more than a few bolts. and the dmg output is rather pitiful, but not the worst offense of this weapon.

tldr, joke weapon, easier to believe someone at from wanted to ridicule guts cosplayers by releasing this weapon than any other explanation
True. If you hit someone with the entire volley of the WA it will deal aprox. as much damage as a single normal shot. And due to the drift YOU WILL NOT hit someone with the entire volley. Impresses onlookers, but is not viable, neither in PvE nor in PvP. A Shame.
Lol I guess it's better to just consume Gael's soul... both weapons are bad according to everyone
Get gud
Repeating Crossbow+5 with Lighting Bolts did 300 DMG to some one I invaded as a Spear Of The Church.
People who say get gud should be castrated
It bothers me how you can only do the repeating shots if you have the weapon in your right hand or two handed making it the same thing, while in the boss fight you see how Gael shoots it with his left hand, i honestly think that this crossbow should just shoot his WA with R1 and R2 normaly like Avelyn does, but still consuming durability from the weapon to balance it, and just the normal tackle as his deffault WA like any other crossbow in the game.
Cheat engine... and you can use it from left hand, kek.
Hard to believe nobody has done a firing squad yet. Get the timing right with maybe 3 players and you potentially have a constant fire rate.
InfernoPlus where u at?