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By Anonymous
WA can be canceled into a backstep which goes straight into running attach with L1 for true mind games.
By Anonymous
Double UltraGreatswords. Or sheer insanity!
By Anonymous
Say what you want but these sword give 1000x stronger weaboo wibe than Frayed Blade.
By Anonymous
Uncharged r2 can be parried btw
By Anonymous
complain about it all you want in a PVP circumstance but in PVE, this is the closest you're gonna get getting a Bosses' Moveset. Farron GS and Gaels Sword ain't nothin compared to this beyblade, you can't help but feel like a badass shredding through enemies in NG+.
By Anonymous
Pierce shield WA go brr
By Anonymous
What kind of sick bastard rolls these only to use one sword?
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These things should've been parriable, problem is that 1v1 they would then become just bad. The biggest problem with facing these weapons is when they're in a gank. Best to just flee and try to split then up in those instances.

Now for the real secret, swap to these on wake-up for L1, almost as reliable as Gundyr weapon art and more damaging if it actually connects.
By Slippery Pete
If you're going to go ahead and use this, at least chug all your Estus.
By Anonymous
Names/ titles for these weapons.

The stunlock weapons.

You can't parry my l1 you NOOB.

Let's gank together with these at pontiff boys >:D

Mr. Pain. and his twin train.

(And my favorite to call them )

the lobster claws.

I love these weapons.

Specially against, gankers, and insta kill parry guy's.
By Anonymous
If you have anymore Names plz put them down here i am intrested what you all call these things
By Anonymous
personally i call them the RK Funswords
By Anonymous
This weapon turned me into a casual in pvp sorry everyone :(
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