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What is the opposite of a casul? And intensely dedicated gaming freak with no life at all? Just curious.
something tells me, that you are both.
Casuals and casuls are not the same. Casuals are people who play casually and mostly play offline. Casuls are, depending on who you ask, people who use scummy tactics in PvP, and/or anyone who uses an "OP" weapon, and, ironically, also anyone who*****s their pants crying about "OP" weapons because they're not good enough to learn how to fight the most common builds in the entire game.
Nolif- i mean veteran ds who play every damn day non-stop be like: *angry* "nooo you can't just swing a double greatsword so easily like that! Try parry you little casul! Some casul player who enjoyed the game: "haha anime weapon go whooosshh"
*several toxic ****** elit*****typing*
This weapon is so anime lolol
This beast destroys friede
After using this weapon for about 3 months straight, I can reasonably say that I can't be beat if anyone were to use these against me, except in a gank.
Congratulations, have a cookie
Bet. Ive trashed more than a few guys who use that weapon with a dagger, quickstep or out spacing is the easiest way to kill someone with them
Is that a challenge
Then after 3 months straight you *****ing suck, you can easily win against this weapon if you have more IQ than a *****ing potato. Git Gut Casual. And if you are on ps4 message me so i can beat your ***. ID: GuruPuximMeoPal
If you happen to be on xbox, could you message me so we can duel? I happen to love using these and i feel like the only person who knows how to use them properly, despite lacking skill in pvp. My gamertag is warriordinag and I’d like to politely duel you sometime.
Seriously guys? I've scrolled through over 100 comments and literally not a single one is about the weapon stats or proper use for newer players. It's all just salt. Spamming comments about L1 L1 L1 isn't as funny as the 60 people before you. Let's get some useful info for people looking to experience new weapons. Me included. I'm salty about you guys salting the page so much.
Gawsh ieeby creeby, stupid casuls, stupid pros, everybody should just go bare-fisted. Jeez gawsh, ughhhh stupid everything ughhhh so UNFAIR gawsh!!!!! :p
*Perseverance intensifies*
This weapon is so much fun at sl20 Unded settlement invasions,it might be because its a giant *** sword but the best thing is the fear in the casual s eye when they see you wielding a weapon simeral to that of ones wielded by bosses
sl20? are u sure u have enough stat to wield this weapon at sl20?
it need 40 strength tho boss
The lowest class to wield this weapon would be Deprived at SL 26 with Hunters Ring and Kinights Ring. You sir are a twink Lying piece of***** or a hacker (which makes you more of a twink piece of*****).
Calm down everyone you can use rkpgs no problem with 15 dex and 27 str. It may be dual but virtual str still applies to it if you 2h it
fought some *** who was using these, floating chaos, and black serpent, they'd just toss up the stupid fire orb, and when id try to dodge the fire turrant from above id have a flaming snake coming up my a** or a running thrust into l1 spam, literally most annoying and aids thing ever, but kudos to him for thinking of it lol