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i have killed 98 casuls who spammed l1 with my trusty stomp weapon art sending them to the moon.
Want a *****ing medal?
You have 2 more to get to earn my thanks.


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Momon SAMA!!!
Get that 39.3 poise. I’m telling you, the difference having it and not is utterly astonishing against other heavy weapon classes.
why do i keep tripping when i use the l1 lolll
I think Frayed Blade is more anime
As a sorceres, I've faced these swords twice in invasion. Got twoce insta-killed by L1 combo. Dammage and hitbox of this weapon are beyond science.
STOP! Anime style time!
I use these weapons and I don't understand the complaints about it being broken. It's not that hard to roll through the attacks but people try using shields instead and expect to not have their stamina broken for some reason.
This is probably the only weapon in this game that I think is genuinely over powered. It has absurd phantom range that extends more than twice the length of the weapon itself, the weapon art stun locks you into a 5 hit true combo which will often be a one hit kill, if you are even standing close to a player as they start the weapon art you somehow get automatically stunned in place before the swords even touch you as if this weapon wasn't already stupid enough, and it has extremely high hyper armor that can tank through almost anything. This is by far the lamest and most low effort way to kill people in PvP. If you even consider using this absolute noob garbage you should be ashamed. Idk what Fromsoft was on when they though adding such a stupidly over powerd weapon like this to the game was a good idea.
OP here again. I forgot to mention you can't even parry the cheap af weapon art. Sorry, I was too busy listing the 20 million other things about this weapon that make it stupidly over powered. I probably forgot a few things. I would also like to say every single person I kill that uses this weapon gets a point down and dung pies thrown at their corpse. Despite all of my ranting about this weapon I've gotten pretty good at avoiding it. I rarely die to it now. It's just the principle of how lame and cheap it is that annoys me.
Hum, no it doesn't lock you in the combo, you can dodge after the third hit, it's hyper armor can be easily broken with other UGS and the weapon art is so hard to land it's even worth using
This would all be true if perseverance wasn't a thing. Seriously, just throw on caestus or another perseverance weapon. It's a hard counter to this weapon.
Dagger, -> quick step -> back stab -> done