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Oops... I meant Running-L1
Can this be parried?
All the r1 moves can be, every other move is unparriable...
Roll with the Running-L1 attack. Speek roll right .
the salt in the comment section here is saltier than the ocean, i love it
Can be countered with crystal soul spear pretty much everytime cause of the long *** attack frames makes the user a sitting duck.
You can also guaranteed backstab someone that uses one of the attacks of this weapon. I haven't quite figured out the reverse roll thing to do it properly though, but it's still not too hard.
you cant reverse roll in ds3 boi
Umm what doesn't crystal soul spear counter?
i like using these in pve but i wouldnt in pvp
How to never lose at PVP. Step 1: Don't have a direct hook up to your internet. Step 2: Distance your console or PC as far away until your internet is crawling. Step 3: Close your eyes and mash L1. Really fun to fight against and play with but it is hell to try to fight with lag and it's really common for users of this weapon to have third world internet... and names like gamer boi 420... which somehow makes it twice as obnoxious.
this is golden
Can also be parried. Should be in the content section
I found out that this is one of, if not the only weapon that can stun the Havel NPC. You’re welcome, Ashen Ones :)
I staggered that rock to dead using 2h fug (aka highest strike ar weapon).
i staggered haval using a dagger......... are you new to ds3?
i staggered havavalal using a prism stone........ are you new to ds3?
This Weapon is quirky and fun, and by far the coolest as it was a very long time coming to get a paired ultra weapon. To start off with, it is a quality weapon. You will get the most AR by leveling both dex and strength to the soft caps of 40/40, however strength is the better option so level that up first, then start leveling dex. All the weapon art attacks are un-parriable, including the running and rolling ones. This is this weapons bread and butter, as it allows you to be aggressive with an ultra. However you must play smart to be good with this. Understand that the combo is very dangerous and players will be very wary of it. Also the attack speed is very slow, and recovery high. Tracking is also pretty bad with the L1 combo. However, play smart. You can use an R1 to change directions quickly mid combo, resetting your sweeping attacks. Staggering your attacks will trick players into thinking you're done when you're not, and those long recovery windows means you also have a long window to decided to keep going. The last L1 attack of the combo is easily backstabbed and you should never use it unless you managed to stun them already. And the L2 energy wave attack can catch people who get too comfortable rolling away just once. Keep in mind this is a slow weapon. I like to keep an crossbow in my off hand for a quick harrassment option for spell casters (Sorcs can easily punish this with farron dart, and faith builds can poise cast miracles with a talisman, the trade may go in thier favor if they're spec'd right). Probably the only Viable Ultra Greatsword, but for all it's pizazz and strengths, this is a terrible chose for duels and the arena.
i have to disagree on the "best ugs" it cant be 2 handed meaning your only unparryable moves are l1s which are slow af. for pve: one of the best pvp: unless your opponent is bad or laggy, easily the worst