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Thanks to whoever continued the update
Wtf. The update doesn't come out for four days, and I just got killed by these swords in PVP.
Welcome to those that use Cheat Engine
Those are what we call Cheat Engine ***. They won't get banned. I can assure you of that. Best thing you can do is just report them on Steam by looking in recent players if they're dumb enough to use the same name as their character of course.
Guy: hey can dark souls 3 get any more edgy me:(points to this weapon) ya ya it can
Because dual scimetars weren't strong enough.
Gimme those dual great weapons, missed them from DS2
Does anyone know if it's upgraded with twinkling titanite or normal?
Knowing from soft, its twinkling


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twin ultra greatswords? !!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE ******** SUN
I already see poeple using them in PvP. Ban wave soon?
Hopefully not, someone gave them to me :(
I wish. But knowing From Software they won't. They are pretty incapable at handling any form of cheating.



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Or they don't care. Get over it, games are often ruined by constant meddling with balance issues and blocking things (looking at you, Grinding Gear Games/Bungie/Zenimax)
DLC is out soon anyway, there's no point in banning poeple now.
why the wiki count it as greatsword? it is ultra