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By Anonymous
This thing is what the Great Club's partner tells it not to worry about
By Anonymous
Was struggling with Midir for a long while, and switched to this and took him down finally in two tries with this weapon, dunno if that's a good selling point, but just sayin'
By Anonymous
smough's still coolest!!!

p.s. they shouldve gave smough's hammer a better skill. how disrespectful. i mean atleast try. give the user a jump butt slam which acts as a force/shockwave knock-down maybe have it scale with faith idk
By Anonymous
This one's for BAMBAM, a player who invaded me when I was starting to use Ledo's hammer while also wielding Ledo's hammer. Hope you're doing good out there buddy, that Gael kill was in your honor.
By Anonymous
It is supremely disappointing that Elden Ring does not have a true equivalent to this hammer. The Call to Stone weapon art could have easily been a Ash of War for Colossal Weapons. Cragblade is the closest we have, but its only the damage buff and nothing else. You can't even shatter the rocks from cragblade with a heavy attack.
By Anonymous
Idk, giant crusher is like this weapon turned from 10 to 20. With prelate's charge it's just overkill.
By Anonymous
This thing's weapon art is what Cragblade should've been.
By Anonymous
Simple man's strategy for Ledo's:

1: 60 str

2: hit thing
By Anonymous
You need 29 VIT, Prisoner's Chain, FaP+3 and Havel's+3 for full Ledo's cosplay. And it's totally worth it
By Anonymous
You actually need 36 vit if you want to do the full cosplay with the shield. 28 is enough without the shield.
By Anonymous
It's actually 36 vit for the full cosplay. 28 is enough if you aren't going to use the shield.
By Anonymous
It's actually 36 VIT for the full cosplay. 28 is enough without the shield.
By Anonymous
Big stik me like smash ledo hama gud
By Anonymous
funny larg hamber
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