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R1 > WA True combo got patched out of the game as of patch 1.14
This weapon is awesome! I use it for ganking all the time, it makes me smile everytime I pancake someone with the WA. It's quickly become my favorite weapon in the game. HIGHLY recommend it for pure strength builds, mine does solid damage at 66 strength while two handing it.
Until you meet a straightsword user that knows when to poke and totally destroys you without being able to do anything against it except hoping for a trade. But who is dumb enough to do trades in pvp against ledos especially with a faster weapon. Try splitleaf greatsword 1000 damage true combo, fast, high reach roll catches extremely good.
A Straight Sword can R1 during the attack animation of Ledo's AND roll out without taking damage. As long as this is the case its an auto-loss against half decent straight sword users - therefore this hammer is at best medicore. Its good to pwnz n00bs that think trading against that hammer is a good idea.
You do realize that's the reason straight swords are by far the best weapon class right? The hammer isn't mediocre, it's just that straight swords outclass everything. This is mainly the fact at their reach, damage, recovery and the fact that there's no poise which makes them the best.

Which is the reason any smart STR user would have a Millwood Axe or a Heavy Longsword to counter the cancer that straight swords are.
I've onlt encountered problems against the most skilled player class, in terms of familiarity with weapon types. The vast majority of pvpers fall into a well timed WA combo because they underestimate just how much hyperarmor this thing packs. Or they fall into the R2 to R1 rope-a-dope, which is INCREDIBLY effective.
I wouldnt call players that can easily abuse the mechanical disadvantage of the slow hammer "most skilled player class". As someone pointed out already its good against people that are newb'ish and think that they will come out ahead after a trade. About R2 into R1 I dont think it true combos, I've seen people rolling out after R2 before R1 connects.


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Fighting laggy players with this damn thing is like fighting a teleporting cartoon character with a full surround force field of rocks that deals 3/4 damage to your lifebar if you even touch them. Its so damn absurd its funny. lol

Can't really fault that on the weapon, cause it's fine otherwise; just good old fashioned From Soft netcoding.
I have tried this hammeri n PvE and its amazing for the slower bosses. In PvP i had a weird experience against it. In a 2 vs 2 whenever i got hit by the guy with Leod's with R1 i could not roll out of the second R1. Also i could not roll out of the weapon art although the page nodes state that it should be possible to roll out form the second hit from the WA.
Now i tried Ledo's myself and my R1's never connected into second R1 and my people always rolled out of my second WA hit. Was the one guy where everything connected and where i couldnt roll out cheating?
All ultra weapons have a R1-R1 combo including the Ledo's Great Hammer. However, the second hit of the weapon art should not combo with the first.
I realized when playing with UGS that they always safely combo R1 into R1. R1 into R1 doesnt seem so reliable for Ledo's. Does this mean that everyone that can roll out of second R1 is cheating? Or are there more dependencies like if the first R1 is part of the trade it doesnt combo?
I already played around 100 matches in the arena with ledos and i can safely say, r1 combos into r1. Just that if the first misses, but the second hits it doesnt combo into the third. Only the uneven (1,3,5...) combo into another r1.
you can use the weapon art in the spears of church bossfight and you get a good trade because the boss gets staggered (human boss)
they dont expect to get staggered and that way they can be stopped dead in their tracks
edit: you dont get staggered yourself wth 30 poise
Try this with 40 poise....seems to go back to ds1 poise
Something notable about this thing is that it has pretty good block ratings, comparable to a bad mid shield or a good small shield. In a pinch, you can block with it, like the FUGS.