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The hitboxes on this thing are insane ( which might partially be due to generally laggy hitboxes ). Even if it doesn't hit it has a gigantic stagger range, almost earthquake like and the weapon art's range is far greater than it seems, has usual greathammer hyperarmor. Damn. This thing ( if you can wield it ) is insane and REALLY annoying to fight against as telling where you are safe from it is really not that easy, especially with latency added to the mix.
For some reason the other day i was fighting somebody who was wielding this with most of smough's set and some type of gloves. I was wearing the Dragonslayer set and wielding a +5 Mornes GH, and somehow, somehow when we traded hits.... i out poised him and hyper armored through his attacks. What? can somebody explain this?
It’s because of mornes greathammers weapon art
the weapon art grants u actual poise thats wat the glowing aura around u is.
C O M E O N A N D S L A M.
Actually I killed the spear of the church with lapp and i then went to kill ledo
what about Filianore?
Amazing pvp build, giant door shield + this hammer both in right hand. No one expects the memer with the shields to whip out a power weapon mid fight
That’s an awful lotta VIT



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vitality builds are so underrated
"vitality builds" thats not a thing
why's mine said it was reinforce with titanite?
absolute power
Best weapon for being aggressive AF against literally anything else in pvp
remember when dragon tooth was considered the zany huge weapon all laughed at back in ds1.
[laughs in ds2 smelter hammer]