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I hate that it doesn't scale with dark at all, it literally makes no sense. It's got the damn abyss crawling around it and you're telling me it doesn't scale with it? Wut xD
It's a new and LONG aggressive Katana with a sort of "Dark Edge" as weapon art: people, this is the new meta.
Nah it has no hyper armor and can't roll catch, only running r1s
All katanas are capable of doing well with or without running r1, but ive always been a little dissapointed with the wrapon arts damage. This will be a great new additj
Ive seen the weapon art roll catch but thats only if you roll away and not to the side
Buckle your buttholes buckaroos, katana meta is back and at max capacity.
basically a dark katana you can see it at 6:00 minute
anyway, it only has 76 base dark damage and scales with D in str and A in dex, no int/faith scaling. GG From
A dark katana with no dark scaling, a shotel with 22 base dark damage and E/E scaling and a dark greatsword with a fire WA in the first dlc, not to mention the almighty dark hand. I think From really hates dark weapons...
Behold! The ultimate weeb stick!
This is one of the edgiest,most anime weapons in this game and I want it!
Just think of all the Vergil builds!

Now I'm M O T I V A T E D!
A black Katana that releases a Slash wave... GETSUGA TENSHOU
You made my day. Lol.
My thoughts exactly.
cant wait to toil and search and research all of these weapons, and then right into to the box.
Ok, but why does it deal dark damage without having any scaling and requirements in Faith and Int?
It might be a drop from the Abyss Dragon? Not sure yet...
Ask that to From. After all, they created in the first dlc a dark greatsword with a fire WA, lol
Because ***** you
Because it is already strong enough? B scaling in Dex + extra dark damage is enough
The point is not if "its already strong enough"; the point is if it deals dark damage, it should requires faith and int. So, maybe its TOO strong, cause it deals dark damage for free.
The answer to your question is because ***** you that why
Why must you.comaplaun about everything
is crazy how fast this thing bleeds enemies ._.
What's the bleed? It looks like a regular katana.
Nvm, I see.
Too bad it cannot be infused. Also I hear that the bleed from the weapon art is still surprisingly low?