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By Anonymous
Good weapon! ^^
By Anonymous
All I want to know is what this scales with
By Anonymous
midget on a stick!
By Anonymous
Scaling D on strength E on Int and D on Faith
Req 19 10 14
By Anonymous
Where did you got that info? Thanks tho
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
wait from the WA description does this have a random chance of what it does? cuz roar seems to be aoe knockback like dragon torso, blessing being some kind of player buff but the vexation is a bit harder to predict since it means to cause annoyance, frustration or worry
By Anonymous
They seems to be random. Roar does Knockback, blessing gives you perseverance and curse give you an op self explosion that deal massive damage to all around you
By Anonymous
Twinkle to upgrade, at +5 it does 216 Physical 130 dark with a crit of 100 guard is physical 45.0 magic 30.0 fire 25.0 lightning 25.0 dark 30.0 stability 25. it is buffable and its final stacking is STR C INT E FAITH D
By Anonymous
So why the wiki says it mainly scales with faith?
By Anonymous
c/-/e/d? why FROM hates dark builds?
By Anonymous
Faith is the most important stat because the faith applies to both Phys and Dark damage
By Anonymous
the weirdest weapon ever made in dar souls
By Anonymous
Chicken wing
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By Kwzprtt
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What is dark souls?
By Anonymous
I died from this like 4 times already >.>
By Anonymous
Jesus-stick confirmed
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