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I wish the head piece was different but it still looks way cool.
Well you can't have a skull jaw if we arent nothing but skull
we actually got the big-burning-gaping-black-hole thing at the chest?? yessssssssssss


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THAT HOLE IS ******* COOOL . but head piece should be a crown :|
Use Lorians' helmet.
Or maybe try using the iron dragon helmet
I can already tell that every edgy weeb with a katana is gonna be wearing that chest piece.
Everyone's new favourite edgy set
Rip undead legion set 2016-2017
bet anyone that has anime profile picture will use this
I for one wont use it
Peeve is gonna be REALLY happy : )
Time to make a Kakyoin cosplay :^)
Too soon... :'(
Someone gave me the *****ing gauntlets and leggings at the usual pontiff sullyvahn duel place, wtf
I can give screenshots of it
Seems to bear some resemblance to the Dark set. Like Darkwraiths wear an old, modified, or sealed version of this set.