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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I keep trying to scan the last point (the one farthest east/southeast, but can't get anywhere close on the ground. Also tried climbing over the hills from the closest location ot that one, near site 1, and all of it has level 3 radiation. Whoever typed the walkthrough above failed to mention how they actually got close to the navpoint. That would have been helpful.
My understanding is if you keep following through the main storyline, Eos ends up radiantion free. So give it time. :)
Also. instaid of driving on the right side of that point. there is somewhat a ramp on da left side as well. boost over it and ya should reach a point on that mountainheight just behind it (be sure to have 6wheel driving on) thats how i got on it (okey i pressed X several times) :P

But the other advice is good to :D
Also if you finish this quest before doing "Task: Waking up to the Future" it turns out that you saved the brother of Darket Tiervian, and she will thank you kindly, saying she is again in your debt. (Also she is the voice of Tali Zorah)
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Figure out how to get to the last one?