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By Anonymous
It's dope
By Anonymous
Am I wrong, or you can only get one of this per gameplay?
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Very late reply but you can burn bonfire ascetics to get more, or you start with one at +1 if you picked the swordsman class, netting you two on one NG cycle
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so, I was playing today and something weird happend, I did the trusting attack (while in power stance) and it hitted with the point of this sword, than I did once again a power attack, and insteado of doing anoter leap, I jumped and attacked
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Jump attacks happen when you manage to hit and move forward at the same time; they're very easy when you get the timing right using keyboard buttons to attack. All pieces of equipment (barring binoculars) including bows and shields can do jump attacks.
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I enjoy using this in PvP to even out level gaps with lower level people, or to humiliate opponents using OP weapons.
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This sword is pretty nice; I used it for a lot of the game along with a mace and that went swell until I got the Sun Sword which is just better since it doesn't degrade as fast since it's longer, has WAY better scaling and base damage, and also only weighs 1 more unit. Great weapon for base DS2 now since you can't get the Sun Sword easy now, though.
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My bad, Sun Sword base damage is worse; the scaling more than makes up for that at basically all stat levels though.
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By Zantheros
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If you're playing as a caster though, I'd still recommend the shortsword. Lower weight and stat requirements, and it doesn't suffer nearly as much from infusion, which is the number one weakness of the sun sword.
By Anonymous
Moveset-wise this is the balder sidesword of this game.
By Anonymous
Low requirements and weight make this a great melee weapon for when casters either run out of spells, or encounter enemies resistant to their spells.
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I often take Swordsman so i can have two Short Swords early in the game. Allows me a simple dual-wielding option, one is already slightly upgraded, and it only takes one strength level up to get into swinging them.
No matter if i take magic stats and infusions, or stick with strength and dexterity, these things carry me through a long time. They also take slightly less stamina to swing around than Long Sword or Sun Sword, but got more range and durability and damage than Broken Straight Sword.
What's not to love?
By Anonymous
This wepon should be for sale with any NPC.