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Another possible waifu :3
could she... possibly be the mother of Lothric and Lorian?
I thought Gwynevere was?
It would make sense, the egg shes holding could be Ocelots, and Rosaria could be the reborn corpse or a sister of some sort. There is also insinuation she was Gwyns youngest daughter, gifted to the hollows with the ringed city
Everyone made this assumption because of Divine's Blessing description, but after reading the description for the new miracle "Projected Heal" i doubt that Gwynevere = Queen of Lothric
Fact one: Gwynevere is married to the flame god Flann not Oceiros. (the Lothrics themselfs are direct decendants of Gwyns lineage, explaining their size and royalty) Fact two: Filianore is sleeping since aeons. Guarded by armies of her spear followers and obviously nobody was ever beeing able to see nor touch her because the Ringed City wouldn't stand otherwise. Nothing against you guys but if you come up again with something at least try to stay close to what we know.
Exactly what me and a mate were thinking, yea there are some gaps but I still like this theory.
SPOILER AHEAD: Invades in the Church Ruins after the fight against 'The Red Hood' knight. Go from the Princess Bonfire, towards where you fought the boss, and turn right down that 'hall'. After to go to the back, she'll appear.

Drops: Crucifix of the Mad King & A titanite Slab.


- Uses the Mad King Crucifix and the Lightning Arrow miracle (very often, be careful).

- Used 4 Estus in the fight. May have more, never saw her do the 'I'm out' animation.

- Has very low poise due to the armour she has, making her easy to stunlock
Oops, meant to put this on Shira's.
SPOILER AHEAD: But somehow you have to beat the Dragon first and talk to her. I managed to NOT find him before the Endboss and she won't appear
***** I screwed evrything up the gods seem to hate me and Shira call me a lowly kind. lol
So according to the Small Envoy Banner item description:
"The small banner used by envoys of Great Lord Gwyn in the days of yore.
For the pygmies, who took the dark soul, the Great Lord gifted the Ringed City, an isolated place at world's end, and his beloved youngest daughter, promising her that he would come for her when the day came."
So if I am understanding this correctly, this Great Lord is Gwyn and he gifted the Ringed City to the pygmies and his youngest daughter, who is undoubtably Filianore. That would mean that Gwyn has 5 children: count them, Gwendolyn, Gwenevere, Nameless King, Yorshka, and Filianore. Was Filianore not mentioned previously because she was born of the dark soul and thus was Human and could not live in the City of Gods (Anor Londo)? Could someone with the japanese version of the game please give the direct translation for this item? This is very interesting lore right here.
I assume Yorshka was also a daughter of Gwyn as in her Dialog she refers to him as Father and says that Gwyndoln is her older brother. So that is why I think he had 5 children, with this information.
It is interesting that From drops this bombshell at the end of the series, that he has 5 children (Or 4 , depending on how you view Yorshka). Another question is, why is she clutching the egg that we touch, and why is she in an eternal sleep?



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I always had the theory that Yorshka is not in fact Gwyns child. She says Gwyndolin is her elder brother, when in DS1 it's explicitly said that he is Gwyns Lastborn. So any younger child can not be Gwyns, since he was already burning in the Kiln. There is also the fact that she is a crossbreed, and I seriously can not see Gwyn having a child with one of his hated enemies.
My theory was always either 1) that Yorshka is not Gwyndolins sister, but maybe his niece, ward or other relation, which he simply adopted as his sister, possibly to give her more legitimacy as his heir, or 2) that Yorshka is his halfsister... from his mothers side. And she may not even be his only crossbreed halfsister. Think about it: it is never explicitly said that Priscilla is a daughter of Gwynevere, that was only ever fan theory. It is just as likely that both Priscilla and Yorshka are daughters of Gwyns wife and an unknown dragon. And I mean, we never even hear about Gwyns wife, to the point that she doesn't have a name and is never mentioned. The only one who has a similar fate of being stricken from the records and having his statues destroyed? Gwyns Firstborn, who sided with the Dragons.
And come on, Gwyn is exactly the type of person who would erase his wife from history down to her very name and existence, because she cheated on him with his enemy and bore a child. *AND* he is the type of person to then lock that daughter away for all eternity, because let's face it: Gwyn was kind of a bastard.
Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I agree, Filianore really seems to be the youngest daughter. Too sad that Gwyn wasn't ever able to "come for her when the day came". So she basically spent all of her existence in enchanted slumber, right? No matter how tempting that may sound after some days, that is a pretty sad life.
One question: is it ever said that she was "born of the dark soul" or human? Or was she corrupted or simply best suited for the Eternal Slumber task or did she just draw the short stick? I wonder why she was chosen for this... and why she is the only confirmed child of Gwyn without "Gwyn" in her name (possibly because of that Dark Soul connection, if it exists? Because even Gwyndolin was "worthy" of that name, despite being a moon mage and so directly opposite of his father).
Man, that family is really complicated and messed up. Almost like they're Gods! ;)
lore speculation time:
looks like she was holding up the realm bubble the ringed city was with her dream spell, Gwynn must have had grand plans for the pygmys and their descendants if he sacrificed one of his daughters to keep them safe for so long after he is gone.
he sealed their darkness with fire giving birth to the Darksign and giving them a heavy weight to carry on their shoulders.
as for the dragon egg, it is implied than the gods raised Midir since he was a child, it could be that she holds up his everlasting egg shell as part of her eternal dream spell. tendrils of darkness seep from her eyes the same way the inside of the shell looks up rotten too.
having her holdin Midir egg would also make her bound to him as his eternal guardian.
there is also the chance that she gave birth to the egg but she is not portrayed as a motherly figure so I'm not too fond of that.
also, she does not show any kind of dragonkin malformation like some other heavenly children do, wich is interesting.



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Oh, I really like the idea of that being Midir's egg! And you could argue that the egg and its guardian being corrupted by the Dark (or the Abyss) could be a stand-in for or contribution to Midir's own imminent descent into darkness.

As for the grand plans Gwyn had... well, we do know that he was willing to sacrifice a lot to keep the Dark and the Age of Dark/Man at bay. After all, he chose to burn his very soul and wallow in eternal torment to halt the Dark. I could definitely see him sacrificing his youngest daughter simply to keep the Dark and the pygmies satisfied. He gave them a city, he gave them his daughter as a ward... what more could they want? Surely the pygmies will be satisfied and leave him and his precious Age of Fire in peace. I truly think it was a political move, to keep the pygmies from becoming envious or ambitious. They could stay in their eternal city under the eternally slumbering goddess, and leave the real living and ruling the world to the ones that deserve it (Gwyn and his pantheon, of course).
Besides, Gwyn seems to treat most of his family not quite like they are people on its own. You know, giving away his youngest daughter to be enchanted into eternal sleep. Erasing his eldest son from history. Raising his youngest as the opposite gender because of something he was born with and couldn't ever change. Never even mentioning his wife (she has no name, there is never a mention and she has no statues, while everybody else has some. Even the stricken Firstborn has a semi-destroyed statue or two). Possibly locking his maybe-grandchild-maybe-stepchild / other relation away eternally... that man had really messed up priorities and values, hands down. I don't want to know what else he sacrificed in his single-minded goal of stopping the Dark.
Your idea about Midir's egg really makes a lot of sense! He really abused the crap out of his family..
Speculation time; here's a solid fact. SHE is a daughter of Gwyn. His YOUNGEST daughter. And for some reason, looks nothing like either himself, or Gwynevere, her only sister. Instead, she takes her colouring closer to her brother, Gwyndolin. Dark hair, pale skin, you know it's true. We never see Gwyndolin's eyes throughout the series, but here we see the eyes of a slumbering God who was tasked with keeping the Pygmies away, and the Dark Soul as well as part of Gwyn's selfish attempts to preserve his Age of Fire.

Theory; Filianore has been touched by the Abyss via the Dark Soul, and her efforts to contain it was what allowed this. Which resulted in her slumbering. Theory continued; at the end of every cycle, a 'Chosen Undead' or 'Ashen One' finds her, wakes her up, and her spell to contain the Pygmies and the Dark Soul is broken, which results in a fast forward jump in time to which how the world would have been if it hadn't been for Filianore keeping the Dark Soul and Pygmies locked away.
You surely like to make crap up without any proof or reasoning whatsoever. Dark Souls is not your personal fanfic fantasy, kid.
" Someone posted a theory I don't agree with, so I feel the need to be an a** "
Good job kid!



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Are you saying that she got her colouring because she was touched by the Dark Soul, and that Gwyndolin might be in the same situation, or did I read that wrong?
Hmm... it's possible, sure. Maybe that was why she was chosen to function as a "seal" for the Ringed City. Though I don't think we know yet if she came into contact with the Dark while she was still in Anor Londo, basically making her already the perfect sacrifice... or if she was completely fine, got chosen as the sacrifice and _then_ came into contact with the Dark, basically meaning she was chosen like a lamb to the slaughter.
Though it is also possible that she was somehow born with an affinity for Dark, just like Gwyndolin was a Moon sorcerer even though his father was the complete opposite.

I kind of like to think (heavy speculation time) that both Gwyndolin and Filianore simply took after their mother, getting the colouring and maybe even "strange" affinities from her. (and since we only see him in heavily obscuring armor and seemingly hollow, the same might be true for the Nameless King, though that's unsure). And isn't it strange that the two children that are the least like Gwyn, the most like (probably) their mother, get the short end of the stick when it comes to affection from Daddy Dearest? I mean, he gave his youngest daughter away to the ones he feared most, to spend her life enchanted into eternal slumber, never wakening. A wasted life for his goals. And his youngest, Gwyndolin, gets raised as the opposite gender for something he was born with and couldn't change, was never revered as the God he is, stood in the shadows and didn't even get a statue or recognition for his work and being. Instead he gets tasked with the really unthankful job of keeping the world spinning. Also interesting: the mother which these two seem to take after... is never mentioned in any way. No statues, no banner, no role and also no recognition. Seems Gwyn had some kind of falling out with her, maybe?
Meanwhile their dear sister - who is the most like her father - gets revered, is loved by everyone, gets her own very public covenant and then faffs off when things get hard.
I might be reading too much into this, but if that doesn't speak of clear favouritism and prejudices on part of Gwyn, I don't know what will. Kinda really glad to see that Gwyndolin did away with all the Sun Worship and got his own little moon cult going for a while before becoming dinner.

By the way, I'm pretty sure your "we wake her up, the spell is broken and time jumps forward -> she dies" is basically canon at this point. It seems the last bit of the world, the Ringed City, was in stasis because of her spell, and we simply allowed time to take its rightful place again. (kind of a good metaphor for the whole game series: the Linking of the Fire put the world in a stasis, fire after dark after fire after dark. Whatever was supposed to come after it is impossible, because Gwyn broke the natural order of the world. Maybe now, thanks to the Chosen Ash, we again broke the spell and allowed time to flow in its intended course?)
The dreaming theory: It's time to present the theory section of our tale, and with it, I believe I have a theory.

The entirety of the Ringed City itself is a Dream World.

Think about it: Throughout the game everyone is talking about "embracing the darkness", which could be another way of saying the dark of slumber. On top of that, everyone continues to speak about "protecting" the dreaming city, but I don't think they mean for her own safety. They're trying to keep her asleep out of fear of ceasing to exist should she awaken. Her slumber might have been an unexpected side effect from the abyss affecting her, something with the dark soul of man affecting her, or some other magic, but it still means she's sleeping.

Another way to confirm this theory is your interaction with her. The minute you wake her up after shattering the embracing egg, the entire world crumbles, and when you can see again, it's a complete wasteland like the dredge Heep. That also explains why you no longer see Gael until the very end, as he's outside "the dream".

It might seem abut complicated or confusing, but theories usually are. And it's not something that can be denied outright.



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Well, it could very well be possible, since Miyazaki used basically the same reasoning in Bloodborne. Might well be a kind of reference (though normally, you seem to need to take something to "enter the dream", like the blood in Yarnham). And we already dealt a little bit with (prophetic) dreams with Aldritch.
On the other hand, I always thought it wasn't quite a dream, but simply *time* being in a stasis. You know, the Ringed City itself is in stasis, because Filianores eternal slumber keeps time from flowing as it should. When we wake her, time rushes back in and takes everything it should have taken in all this time. If you also factor in that nobody did any upkeep in all these thousands of years (after all, everything was in stasis, you don't need to repair your house if nothing erodes it), time takes everything and then some, because everything was hit with a few thousand years of wear and tear in a few seconds. This could explain why Filianore herself (and probably quite a few original Ringed City residents) dies: she basically lived through a couple millenia in seconds, and thus never took care of herself. It's very possible that even a God dies easily when they don't eat, drink, move or bathe for several thousand years or whatever.


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Why do people assume that it's an egg that she's holding?
It looks like an egg
It says egg - "cradling an open egg" so we all believe it's an egg... I mean the wiki at which we are at now says it's an egg so therefore it's an egg. The End