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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

There is also another kind of Emil's Item Shop (Part 3).
You can buy:
Type-3 Fists (weapon)
Angel's Folly (weapon)
Dress Module (Key item)

With the dress module you can change your outfit (pants vs pantsless).
There is also a Ravine Supply Trader, where you can Fuse Chips as well as buy Plug-in Chips. It opens up after completing the "Lord of the Valley" quest.
He sells:
Offensive Heal: 350g
Offensive Heal +1: 700g
Deadly Heal: 1750g
Dealdy Heal +1: 3500g
Evade Range Up: 350g
Evade Range Up +1: 700g
Moving Speed Up: 350g
Moving Speed Up +1: 700g
Last Stand: 350g
Last Stand +1: 700g
Vengence: 350g
Vengence +1: 700g
Overclock: 1750g
Overclock +1: 3500g
Taunt Up: 350g
Taunt Up +1: 700g
Auto-use Item: 1750g
Auto-use Item +1: 3500g
Some merchants actually references those in Resident Evil 4 by quoting his lines.