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Praise The Rat King!
I killed the rat king bc he was pissing me off, any consequences? Not in the covenant obviously

I joined thinking i could get some GOOD items but after seeing this this covenant is only for invasions devoting yourself to it is stupid, i already have slumbering dragoncrest ring from sens fortress how did it get here like boi, also the rat kings hairline hella *****ed up
you stupid.
*echoing* this covenant is only for invasions... *Inception horn sound as the emblems of the majority of Covenants throughout the Souls series shine*
I joined the covenant and been waiting 15minutes now and nothing yet. Am i missing something og is ds2 just dead?
DSII is just dead
you need to wear the crest of the rat while in the covenant. i have my 2 invasions in just 10 minutes
so i went back, how likely is it that if i was at the furnace demon, that i can get invasions in here?
That's actually a very accurate name for a covenant. When being in Doors of Pharros, you get summoned to the location, where you are forced to fight a Mastadon and a poison rat, while you're being shot from a second floor. If you try to run away, you can't, the water is deep, so you walk very slowly and will run into 3 more poison rats, making this fight nearly impossible. This covenant is only for annoying other people.
I want dem lockstones bro.
This covenant has the*****tiest rewards. Its really just for people who want to annoy anf troll others
Ha! U dumb. SDR and S&S Stones are VERY much worth it. The ring is too if you’re a poison dex build


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I agree with you.This covenant is great,if u don't wanna die like a b***he just go offline.
they could at least add a higher cooldown for this invades. Just piss me off if you get summed by the same person in less then 30 sek and have fight over 10 mins. I wish i had not killed the boss... so i could spare me this*****.

Overall my tactic was always to run over the water left to the first exit and run up. Mobs could not reach you here and the invader was always a ***** to come up. Never had one who goes here up for some reasons, also he never tries to catch me before. (maybe bad?)

Did this 14 times so it was pretty fun.
git gud big boi
I saw it as a place to practice pvp. It's perfect place to pvp where you have time to recover and unlike elsewhere the creeps are on your side not invaders.
Or you could man up and join the Dragon Remnants for actual fair duels