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enhanced medium kamikaze flyer cannot be found? am i missing something?
Did you check the description on where to find it?
I confirm that the description of the guide is correct to locate these units, I found them with 9s on route C
Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2 can also appear on the field near the access point "city ruins: near factory".
Don't think this is a complete list. I have everything here, as well as Emil, though not Emil Clones yet, and am only at 98%. Unless Emil Clones is worth 2%.
I managed to come across the special monsters more frequently as I leveled up on a regular play through. There more likely to show up before your to powerful stay around lv 50. Use the DLC fruit and mask to stop leveling. Also The desert mid flyers enhanced are not in part c but routes a and b .. as for the reverse goliath I got it once when I was little enough for it to kill me and it did I never saw it again lol
Got the 2gun 2kamikaze enhanced flyer instantly on 17-05 in the desert with A2 ...never appeared with 9s on 12 the plain kamikaze did though every time.
The elite thorn linked bot has a pretty good spawn rate in the cluster overlooked by the cliff on the proscribed route for the elite medium kamikaze and kamikaze gunner, which is to say the stone slab with the enemies on it at the bottom of the cliff between the route to the desert housing and the entrance to the desert zone. A good idea to just have a peek into that crowd once in a while if you're trying to spawn the latter two, cuz that flooded city route is an equally tedious one.
Please tell me how do I find the Flyer medium in Amusement Park?
I think you can find it in the park's resource recovery unit, or going up to the roller coaster several times, I don't really remember, but you get it almost automatically.
Please tell me how do I find the mediums Flyer Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit
Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2 in Amusement Park?
Resource collector (floating tower that looks like a Borg ship from Star Trek) in path 'C' towards the end of the story
This guide helped me a lot, especially with the flight units, I confirm that they are where the guide indicates, the only machine I can not find is the enhanced linked sphere with thorn equipment, it is driving me crazy, hopefully someone can give me some clue where to find it. Once I can locate this machine, but opt for the E end, and you know...
Confirmed, I found the Linked-sphere Type: Thorn-equipped in the Flooded City, during Route Chapter 12-1 with A2 using the method of mounting the moose, this consists of mounting the moose without killing the machine, you have to jump out to sea from the yellow bus again and again until it appears Linked-sphere Type: Thorn-equipped, the other variations of this machine can be found more easily in the waterfalls near the center of the forest , and in the factory specifically in the room Where there is a mountain of android bodies, (where you previously find the mid-middle quadruped) in the same 12-1 chapter either playing with 9s or A2. I hope you find this information useful.