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Whoever worded some of these locations are just terrible.
Specifically saying something like "the far right side of oil field" When the oil field is a small area that spawns no enemies, and if it's outside of the oil field, it'd be much easier to state the location from the point view of desert: center.
yea, agreed. the wording problem is also seen in other wiki like Nioh(Kodama), i wonder are they the same team of contributors...



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You can click on "revision history" and see how added the content - you'll see it was a random anon.

Since this is a wiki, it's a collaborative process and if you feel there's a better way to say something, the correct course of action is to hit the "Edit" button on the top right of the page and fix the error or wording.
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I got you covered boo (fixed typos and grammar on medium enhanced flyers)
Guman Flyer or Gunman Flyer?
Can you split A2 in two different unit under Android?

Long Hair (when meeting her the first time at the Forest Chamber)
Short Hair (Route C/D when choosing to fight as 9S against A2 as final boss)

Got little confused when I followed this and got 99% and realized I haven't done ending D yet XD
Where are there Enhanced Small Bipeds? Need help to find those machines. I just can't complete Unit Data otherwise. Chapter or possible spawn location would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
Oh my goodness. In Chapter 07-02, near City Ruins: tower, in the direction to the huge crater, there is group of Small Biped. Normally spawns Standard ones, but reloading I managed to find an Enhanced one! I still don't know how can I missed it!
Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2 in 10-03 route B, spawn together with Medium Flyer: Kamikaze Unit
found an enhanced Medium Flyer: Gunner x2, Kamikaze x2
as an rare spawn on the grass field in front of the tall building by the "city near factory access point"

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, but from what I've observed it seems that enemies that have multiple variants (weapon types) do not add to the unit data completion percentage till the player has discovered all of the respective unit's variants (i.e. all Enhanced Medium Flyer types).
That's most likely just an impression since you need more than a single new unit data at a time to increase by 1%
I think you are right, my unit data percentage was 98% and I was missing just one variation of a certain multiple variants robot (it was Multi-tier Type: Gun-equipped). After I met it in-game, my percentage got up to 100%.
I wouldn’t be so sure. I’m at 95% with five missing, all enhanced variants.
Are you sure this is a full list? Out of this list I'm literally missing 3, but I'm at 96%, it feels like I'm missing more than just three. I'll confirm once I gather the last three and see where I'm at
have killed everything on the list including secret boss, still at 98%
i found another type on medium quadruped enhanced, i found him in the abandoned factory, go to the ''hangar'' then go to the press conveyor, it's a rare spawn there
press 'Y' or keyboard/PS equivalent to cycle through enemy types (such asa gun/drill equipped) when in the Unit data menus Secret Boss 2 has 2 variations and takes up the last 2% of the enemy list if going for 100%