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My character is a pyro so this fight was pretty much hell, but after 10-15 tries I ended up winning. I used both NPC summons and fisted the demons with Dark Hand while they were distracted. I thought Black Fire Orb would be good but it seemed to do surprisingly little damage given these guys are supposed to be weak to dark.
No, demons are weak to lightning, bleed and black knight stuff


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not what the wiki and my personal tests have shown
Imaging using the most op and easiest class in the game, but when you have to face a thing that counters you, you instantly cry for summons
Oddly enough, the demon prince shares the bleed buildup with the last demon that died, so if the second demon dies just before proccing bleed, then next hit with gnawing/barbed straight sword/etc will proc bleed almost immediately after phase 2 gets the health bar up
Yeah, this confirms it. My game bugged on me. In the middle of my fights with these two, both demons start flying around with one shooting lasers and the other one summoning meteorites and chaos orbs. So I was so confused when I fought the prince (thinking it was a 3 stage fight) and he just had the same moveset and was way easier because now I only had to face one.
Alexa, play BFG division
Me and my boys Gael and Lapp had a lot of fun on this fight
Bro, try having fun on your own, and don't summon.
Fight is so much more iconic
Ignore the other reply. The fight is just as intense if you summon for it, especially if you're using NPCs.
I used Gael against Friede and don't see his sign here. I can't recall if he lived or not.
I managed to finish the boss by a glitch in there first stage by hitting the last demon with final blow followed by riposte (I was a summon at that time so slight lag helped out)
It will result in immediate *HEIR OF FIRE DESTROYED* to pop
The gankspank training
I really disappointed about 2 DLCs at this point. 2 DLCs contain 2 concepts that I hate a lot: ranged spammer that I cannot kill early (Millwood Knight and Angel) and 2 bosses at once. The ranged spammer not only make my finger hurt because keep pressing sprint button for hours but also make me think do I have to pass this or just optional area. Instead of slow pace and careful play style like the main game, it forces me to run like crazy at some area (main game still have that but the only place remind me the Giant of the Undead Settlement, and he just annoying in small area). The 2 bosses I don't think it should be, I'm fine with multiple phase or "hidden" phase, but 2 bosses at the same time make me feel like "do they run out of idea how to make a good boss? They just bully me with the number, not the difficulty of the boss", and of course they can make good bosses, just like Sekiro's bosses. I know I can summon phantoms but I only do that as the last option. For example how bad the bosses in DLC are, The Champion's Gravetender is completely a joke, he didn't counter even block about 4-5 of my attacks, and get staggered then I just free damage on him, so I just spam light attack with infused weapon and wait him to call Wolf, and I just ignore the Wolf for few second to finish him. The Wolf is ok but I feel a bit unfair because it use***** and run tactic, it usually out of my reach and the open for me to attack quite low, but anyway I think the Wolf part is good enough. Come to the Sister Friede, her moveset is fine but first phase is too easy if you fight her for few time, she can be interrupted so once she finish her combo I just spam attack 3-4 times before she run away. Come the second phase I can use same tactic but have to aware the Father or attack him and let Friede spam her Freeze attack. The final phase is really challenged and I think that how DS bosses should be, sadly only phase 3 of final boss of DLC. And now I come to Demon, but 2, one is aggressive melee and one is support with Toxic at range, I just fight this boss once (and return to bonfire immediately after knowing there's second phase), it's not really hard but they keep force me to use healing because of Toxic, and the first impression is "Seriously DS? You gonna keep doing that every boss fight?". Long comment full of whining, I just a casual player but I don't want to looking for information that make the game easier, I want to experience the game as much as possible, feel free to dislike, I just hope the Ringed City map not gonna like this.