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I don't know why, but my lightning/oath buffed Sunlight SS wasn't hitting very hard at all. It wacked Friede around like nothing but these guys were quite a challenge with it.
Ugh this battle. Basically 10 minutes of R1 spam.
Lol casul
That’s the whole game
Which weapon would be better for this boss, Black k***ht Ultra GS+5 or Onyx blade+5? Stats:Str 40, Dex 40, Int 40 and fth 20 Ng+1
Onyx Blade Buffed: Has split damage between Physical, Dark, and Fire as the Demons are highly resistant to Fire Damage i'd remove that from the battle plan. With the black knight GS you would get more base damage so out of the 2 go BK GS+5. Prob a bit late but there u go.
Also the BK GS deals 20% bonus damage vs Demons.


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Yeah, I'm late but I would avoid Onyx at all costs. Slipt damage and poor scaling offset by 3rd damage type Demons normally resit. I use B.K G.A over 600Ar before Warcry and 20% buff
They have the same screeches as Darkbeast Paarl and Loran Darkbeast.
Random Bloodborne comparison.. as if we need more of these. DS3 and BB use the same engine aswell, who figured they use same audio cues on screeches
Isn't the arena itself the Shrine of Amana while the bonfire is located outside of the Firelink Shrine?
Damn you are probably the most dumb person on this wiki so far. Congrats.
This is an example of a good boss design, and one of my favorites in the game. I always have fun in this fight no matter what build I'm using, and the demon's scar is a great reward for beating him. If only more of the DLC's boss fights were fun like this one instead of tedious meat grinders.
i have to disagree although the first fase is fun the second is just monotonous as he has a mountain of health like all the other bosses in this dlc which if he was a stand-alone I would be fine with that much health
>"no matter what build I am using" ok can you go pure pyro and prove me that I am just a casul when playing pyro? thanks
Sorcerer players should check out on youtbe ' Intelligence kills Demon Prince'
Are u the same monkey posting this on so many pages for your own videos? Feels fkin bad man
demon up my ***
Use any Black Knight weapon to kill Demon bosses in easy mode. Summoning Lapp turns that fight to a joke. Hollow sword for hollow bosses. Farron or Wolf sword for abysmal bosses.
Bleed turns this fight into a joke without summoning like a casul
Black knight weapons don't exactly make it easy, but bleed does
I just found out that if you kill the demon in pain or demon from below with a riposte or maybe a hornet riposte, you can skip phase 2 since there's a glitch that pretty much makes the possibility of it happening a joke but there is the chance it can happen.