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"-Alternatively, use Dark Fire Orb which has a faster casting time than Dorhys' Gnawing and does more damage."

Not sure if this was wrong. Does it mean Black fire Orb? Because, i can confirm if thats the case. This is wrong. Black Fire Orb deals like Dorhys Gnowing for me is dealing like 1,000damage in 2 hits, where as Black Fire Orb deals like 6-700 max damage in 2 hits and costs slightly more to use
but the bleed is what matters, besides black fire orb lacks range
Such an annoying boss. I refuse to use a summon because it will be a cake walk with a summon. Phase 2 has a REALLY annoying attack. He flies at you leaving a flaming area. Not much of a problem in itself, except the damage this thing does makes no sense. I have dodged out but been slightly hit and taken 75% of my full health in damage. Other times i have been hit by it and hit by the flames after and taken like 20% damage. Like how are you meant to avoid this damage? Rolling INTO it seems to deal LESS damage than trying to dodge away from it!? :/

This one attack is what kills me, some times it will deal barely any damage, other times it will kill me. With no real distinction of what you should do against the attack :/
Rolling to the side of it is what dodges it not into it



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How could you not summon the beloved Gael for this fight?
What, still here?
I guess you could say this demon was a pain in my below
Take my like, dammit!
A gank followed by a bullet (or Sword) sponge...yay...
Black knight sword +5 and hornet ring shreds his hp with critical.
Thanks a lot! Those criticals are super effective. Only upgraded to +4 Black knight sword.
Even with a +4 Black knight sword the bosses become a joke for players because of the damage boost, that's why I'm always placing down my sign for this boss on my black knight build on PS4.
Why does it say optional? I mean, you need to defeat them in order to continue. "Optional" should be removed because it's 100% obligatory.



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Optional with regards to the base game, but then that's just a given because the entire DLC is optional.
I don't know why they choose to judge it based on the base game's merits. All DLC is optional then, but that isn't what it should be decided by. Least they could do is say "optional for base game, mandatory for DLC". The "optional/mandatory" tags are used to simplify things for people who only want to see the story content. Foes like Darkeater Midir don't really add to the story with any cutscenes or significant dialogue, so you can understand why someone might want to skip them (though I personally never would, it's another challenge to face), but the rest is much more significant.
A new game +5 gives you a little over 200,000
Funnest fight in the game
Idk if they changed it but as of 9/24/18 I beat them on ng+ and got 200k souls. I did not have any rings/gear equipped that would have given me a 33% increase in souls
Extremely weak to bleed, rouge+sharp warden win blades will provide bleed on each demon at least twice and give you at least 1 riposte in the last 25% of their health to finish them off. If you go behind the pillars and draw out the first flaming demon, by the time the second Mosies over to you the first will be dead. Dodge under L1 the***** out of second demon to prod bleed and you are in the 2nd phase within 90seconds. The second phase is mostly just chasing around super demon until he lets you hit him