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FROm did it again and its so annoying....

INT=60,CSS+10, 2 dragon rings, clutch ring, crown,candlestick.

Crystal Soul Spear vs Demon Rrince= 500+ damage.. for 46 mana

This is just pathetic. Both the damage considering 5 damage i boosting items and FROM's shenanigans.

Just think about it for a second....using +~80% damage boosting items you deal ~500 damage (46 mana!) vs demon prince and this is a GREAT cost to your defense.

This is truly unacceptable.

I haven't progressed far after the first boss but I'm pretty sure they'll do the same with the others. It seems it's DS2 DLC all over again..

Is this their vision of a game being "hard"? Pathetic.

PS If our mana regenerated like stamina used for melee attacks than it might have been acceptable although it is still a piss-poor design and I don't consider this as "difficult".
Dont use soul spear then moron
Ng+5 my Lothric Greatsword has 700 ar but the demon prince onle recieves 450 with fully charged strong attack gg
Hes almost immune to magic so...
its FP not Mana you casual
"Carthus Dexsword+10" spotted the problem casual...
git gud
took me several tries, but i just beat these guys using only way of white corona on my pure faith build. 99 faith and yorshka chime +10, ring of sun' firstborn, cloranthy ring+2, lingering dragoncrest ring+2 (for bountiful sun, sacred oath) and lightning clutch ring for using sunlight spear and lightning astora greatsword+10 on demon prince. the corona is super useful in this fight as you can often hit them when they are idol and do over 1000 damage in one cast. the discs will hover inside their bodies and just shred them. the positioning can be tricky tho, and there is a lot of doding required to keep the right distance. the coronas did around 200 per slice. i just played defensively and whittled them down together gradually.
if i had known they were weak to bleed would have brought dory's gnawing as well!
the demon prince took very small damage from the lightning astora greatsword+10. even with sacred oath and lighting clutch, i was doing maybe 270 per 2hr1. was definitally easier to fight the version that uses the lazer tho. was able to viceral him twice and then wrecked him with sunlight spear with my remaining fp.
I only gained 75,000 Souls from beating them on NG.


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Can someone confirm this?
I just tested solo on NG and got 100k for beating them. No EXP items on.
A Balrog of Londor...


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The +5 Black Knight Greatsword (+20% to demons) destroys them.
how much damage does it do ?
This fight is fun as full pyro on NG6...
Don't bank on getting any summons for this, Gael is p-much useless in phase 2(demon prince), and all the competent people are summoned just before you can click on them.
i only summoned Lapp and he survived the whole fight, provided a good distraction so i think he could prove useful to other people as well.
Lapp was almost like Tarkus for me, nearly messed me up and killed the wrong one first.
heavy exile greatsword with dark resin at 50 strength did about 580 one handed attack at the first 2 phases
he seems weak to dark so try out onyx blade
Black fire orb with 34 int and faith deals 462 damage and allows you to riposte them if you hit them in the head enough. Easy fight considering one of them usually tries to stay back and pelt you with a toxin beam thats easy to dodge. Killed them both with 3 ashen estus chugs


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For pyromancers, just boulder heave all over them. You can stagger them easily and hit them 3 or 4 times after for a huge amount of damage since it hits twice. Same goes for the Demon Prince