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twiggy twiggy twiggy shei, twiggy shei, twiggy shei
Eh yo, its twiggy shei in da house
I legit thought this was a person for so many summons.
Same. I was even pumped about having a cool social interaction with another person. He bowed, we killed the boss, and I was thinking about it even when I wasn't playing the game. Where do I go from here?
"will use an Estoc if an enemy comes to close to him" Should be close to HER... (I say that cause in the german version, the feminine version of "twiggy" is used)
If you bring him to the altar where you talk to the queen he'll do a worship gesture.
I'm sorry, but this is by far the most useless summon I have ever had.
Twiggy Shei sniped the last hit on the Burnt Ivory King right before he skewered me, and I never popped off harder.