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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page


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The link to the Broken key goes to the Broken spring instead. It's not 5 Broken Springs you need it's 5 Broken Keys that you need for level 2.



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Fixed the links to 11B's Momento quest and Broken Key (there's no page for 16D, though), and resized some table elements to fit better. Can't even play the game yet so just taking your word for it on the Keys thing - just seeing that this weapon has the Discount effect I'd reckon people would want to get the right mats ASAP. Hopefully with the game releasing on PC in a few hours (for me, anyways) there will be more diligence, detail, and well-deserved love going into this wiki.
This sword looks pretty much identical to the blade Jetstream Sam uses in MGR, except it's not red, and has awful stats.
The blade reduce the cd of your current skill by 50 on a successful attack hit and completion. The completion part depends on the attack.
Just tested and the discount applies when it's not equipped. (In case anyone was worried about the "Needs Verification" part of the article)