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this is all I see in PVP now for some reason
Does WA damage scale with faith and intelligence? It appears i have high ar with it on my dark build
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Ringed Knight Straight Sword 101 - The scaling of this weapon is a bit deceiving, as the B for STR and D for DEX would lead you to believe this is a straight sword exclusively for strength builds. However, unless you are well under level 100, you're going to want to level DEX as well as STR. 40 STR is a must, as for DEX: 30, 33, and 37 are the ideal stopping points. While two handing this weapon is tempting because of the high STR scaling and to have access to the unique weapon art, this weapon truly shines when one handing it with a "weapon skill" shield. Ethereal Oak Shield is a great choice. This allows you to have access to the quick, low stamina usage move set of one handing a straight sword as well has being about to use weapon art on the fly. So you don't have to delay and telegraph to your opponent that you are going to use the weapon art. As with all straight swords, you're going to want to follow up a typical one handed R1, R1 combo with an uncharged R2. This will hit your opponent somewhat frequently with very little risk to yourself. The weapon art has a true combo (a series of hits that are inescapable in PVP every time if done correctly... and without lag): weapon art R1 into another weapon art R1. Be aware that the weapon art can be used almost immediately after holding L2, you do not need to wait for the animation to finish. Similarly to the basic R1, R1 true combo, you're going to want to follow up the weapon art R1, weapon art R1 true combo with an R2 most of the time. A regular R2, not a weapon art R2. This will hit your opponent somewhat often and is, again, very low risk. The weapon art R2, while useful in some situations, should be used sparingly and it's follow up R2 even more sparingly. Using the weapon R2 instead of a regular R2 after the weapon art R1, weapon art R1 true combo can catch your opponent off guard occasionally, but doesn't hit as consistently and has some risk. The greatest draw back to this weapon is its damage output. It's not as powerful as other straight swords can be and it doesn't fit with most builds. However, the diverse move set the weapon art allows compensates for this. This is definitely a great weapon to consider if it fits your build and you find yourself bored with the simplicity of other straight swords.


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Oh god you’re awesome thank you for this
You are right it is very deceiving, but one thing I would add, 40 STR is actually NOT a must, I have a 40 DEx and 26str build at the moment in the the difference in Ar is is practically negligible (in the case of my build vs yours, a difference of about 5 AR) The sword seems pretty flexible, but def not a super STR build like you said. compared to lets say the Executioners greatsword.
This is what the Firelink Greatsword should have been like. Ringed Knight SS has that same WA combo as Lord of Cinder's weapon in his second phase, except for the fire blast at the end. Too bad the INT/FTH scaling on the Ringed Knight sword is so terribly low, makes it rather useless for a Pyro character. I'd rather use a Chaos Broadsword+10.
WA normal attack easily gets 2-4 hits but hits like a wet noodle. Good finisher with the range, but don't expect to stunlock anyone to death
While this is my favorite weapon in the game, dark straight sword turtles completely shut this weapon down due to it being a physical weapon and dealing 1 damage per hit on shields. Does it mean you can’t win with it? No, you can. I’ve beaten many dark turtles with this. It just takes a lot more patience.
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no, by dark turtles, he meant the people that use dark swords and cowardly hide behind their greatshield


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No he is not talking about people who use dark swords but people who use dark infused straight swords with a BK shield. Thats what i assume he means anyway.
Can someone drop me this? I play on ps4 and I don't have the dlc
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This or the spear for PvE?
Depends. I prefer the Spear because if it's weapon art but there are to major problems with the spear. 1. It's WA has literally no poise and is easily parried. If you get hit once, you can't follow up, but if you hit, you're guaranteed to stagger your opponent for the full combo. 2. It's range combined with the slow poke of the R1 one handed is a bit annoying to me. I prefer the R2 uncharged but that's just my playstyle. I'd say go for the Straight Sword if you're familiar with them, but if you want a weapon with high risk high reward, use the spear. It's much more fun imo.
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