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By Anonymous
virgin healing in undead matches vs chad snipe the homie
By Anonymous
I’m all for healing miracles but this one is flat out broken. Healing miracles are supposed to come with major exposure to a back stab and a major stamina cost. This one breaks the rules and should not have been added. In the arena this almost always gets paired with lightning arrow spam. The counter? Their usually bad, hence the boring crutch in pvp so just preserve health at all costs and keep close but safe distance. If they’re actually good? Just let them win so they have no fun or run away for 3 minutes
By Anonymous
or just use a poise or perseverance weapon and run them down, as long as you have something for roll catching and can make reads they're not invincible
By Anonymous
Downvotes are from murky healers who stick to the arena because they couldn’t hold out in an invasion or even a gank. The healing spells are all well balanced except this one for the exact reasons stated. A
By Anonymous
I love healing my phantoms with these flying heal bombs. Dude got riposted? Lightning Storm until animation is over to chase off invader, then toss a healing sun at your buddy.

AKA how to make your phantoms love you and enjoy jolly coop to the fullest!
By Anonymous
Why are people saying this is balanced?

- Can be used on arguably the best build in the game (26 str, 60 faith murky hand scythe build)

- Can't know if someone is going to use it or not until after they first use it

- Only 1 attunement slot

- Very quick to cast
By Anonymous
Because it takes a lot of stamina, making it easily punishable and at 26 str/60 fth you probably have low vgr/end.
By FatherThyme
Takes a ton of stamina, and a ton of FP per HP healed. It heals like 2 hits per cast. If you cast a spell at someone using this, odds are you'll negate their heal entirely for less FP than they spent. It's a good miracle for PvP duels, but it can be punished like anything else. The fact that few players opt for a ranged punish option is not really a problem with this spell. That's the price you pay for speccing 100% into melee. It's a blind spot for melee builds. Magic users have their own blind spots, too.
By Anonymous
Not as fp efficient as soothing sunlight, but damn is it fun to lob around your own mini heal bombs
By Anonymous
Also a lot of times this can actually save fp, no need to burn a soothing sunlight when an ally is only missing a third of their health
By Anonymous
people don't like this for the same reason they don't like HSM people... it's not just because you are healing during a duel, it is more that people who use heal spells during duels are likely to be the kind of people to spend multiple minutes running away and dodging everything, similar to people who lean on regen+dodging

it's very hard in Dark Souls to hit someone who doesn't want to be hit at even a moderate skill level in a 1v1, however a good option is always short bow/composite bow, which has quick fire with rolls, and the rapid fire WA which you can pair with poison arrows, it might not do an enormous amount of dmg but you will annoy the opponent as much as they annoy you, especially if you can proc poison
By Anonymous
One of my favorite 1v1 chars utilizes a variety of weapons, including the comp bow and I can honestly say, most people don't usually get hit by that. In my experience, the two best tools for hitting someone trying to roll around is the crowd favorite, free aimed exploding bolts or, my personal favorite, the free aimed whip. Seriously, an offhand whip you can reaction free aim whichever direction they start to roll and hit them so often it's embarassing.
By Anonymous
The counter argument to this whole feud is that it doesn't *matter* if you don't like it because it isn't broken and it takes stat investment. The argument that you brought forward here comparing it to HSM users doesn't do your side of the argument any favors, it's just more of the same thing. It isn't up to your mood what others can use, it's on you to figure out a counter. And there *are* counters, saying you've tried them and they don't work just means you aren't good with the counter methods. Like, a dagger can be a pretty hard counter to ultras because of interruption and ease of avoidance/small attack window, but that doesn't matter if you're bad and getting caught in trades.
By Anonymous
this is what you get for being a duel sperg, I swear you 120 1v1 people literally set yourselves up to play the most boring version of the game and then wonder what went wrong

if you want pvp just invade soul level 30-90, the game is designed much better around it
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Does it heal allies only or everyone, like warmth?
By Anonymous
from what i gather it only heals teammates as in white phantoms or if ur a phantom healing a host it does not work if say if ur a red phantom and u try to heal another red phantom or ur a host and try to heal a red phantom if im wrong someone else can just say im dumb ive just never seen anyone use this for some reason despite it being very good
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i actually didn't encounter lapp and i'm sad i looked it up to see where he was at and went there and he's not there :(
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By Stephetheon
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talking to Lapp is not a requirement to finding the spell. He is only mentioned as a reference point.
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By BruzoEesCorg
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toss it up in the air, and praise your newly-created sun