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By Anonymous
Looks like you can use this to heal yourself by aiming at the ground for example,it heals a very good amount of health and is much faster than heal aid,pure speculation but it might become an essential part of the pvp cleric arsenal.
By Anonymous
Heals are not essential- they're scummy. A good cleric doesn't need heals.
By Anonymous
If you whine about heals, get better.

By Anonymous
Clerics are not overpowered at all. And while the healing is scummy, its one of the better things in their kit.
By Anonymous
I'm curious if you'll also be able to target allies and heal them from a distance.
By Anonymous
You cant lock on to them, you have to free aim like emit force.
By Anonymous
At a lore perspective, does this miracle descrption breaks the assumption that Gwynevere is the Queen of Lothric?
By Anonymous
It still says Princess of Sunlight. I mean, she could've been a more ancient Queen of Lothric. After all, she left Anor Londo to, what I can only assume to be Lothric.
By Anonymous
Not necessarily, we know that the queen of Lothric left prior to DS3 main quest. By the time of the "last days of lothric" she could be well and truly forgotten.

Also, we don't know if she openly declared her identity as Princess Gwynevere while in Lothric.
By Anonymous
" caress and bounty of the Princess of Sunlight " Kappa
By Anonymous
A great new way to experience allies running away from your healing magic... can't wait!
By Anonymous
lol i can relate
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By Unbreakable_Patches
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This is true. I casted this when me and 2 other invaders were fighting a gank. The 2 invaders and the ganking host were now after me.
By Anonymous
You can find this in a hidden area just shortly after you meet lapp for the first time (at the first angel). after you killed the numerous small dreg like enemies you will see a small bridge which you can drop down from onto a large enemy (Harald), however do not drop down. To the right of the small bridge there is a large drop, where you wont get damaged due to a large amount of ash at the bottom. You will enter a small area with a few foes where you can find projected heal and the lothric war banner.
By Rivor
Thank you ashen one!
By Anonymous
You literally copied and pasted this from the how to get part on the page
By Anonymous
@Anonymous it was the other way around :D someone did that as I do not have a wiki account and I couldnt see how to edit it in
By Anonymous
Provided you've maxed your casting speed, this spell actually casts fast enough to be a viable heal while in combat in both pve and pvp.
By Anonymous
FP cost is 55.
By Anonymous
Can you hold the charge like with certain heals?
By Anonymous
No you cannot. But you can free aim arch it to send it WAY far away.