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Very good for a tank build, I still use it and it is great at blocking various boss attacks (Aged Smelter Demon aka Blue Smelter Demon, And the Normal Smelter Demon, Also good for blocking the "frozen reindeers" attacks at the Ivory King DLC area: Frozen Outskirts) Note: King Vendrick can break the stance of your shield so it is completely useless to block in that fight, If you need help on Xbox 360, My gamertag is "Zayalaz77" and send me a message before you send me a friend request, My souls level on Dark Souls 2 is OVER 8 million.
14 Million
312,594 boi. PEASE BRAH
I miss the old DS1 Tower Shield design
I like this shield because it goes well with Velstadt's armor #fashionsoulsnumber1priority


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I also recommend elite knight helm, leggins dranleig chest, some iron gauntlets and heide sword and this shield. U look like ds3 knights #cosplay souls :D
poor baby got disliked while being so friendly...
How do you suppose the best way to use the shield for its fullest purpose, such as which level/skill one needs to upgrade, I've tried strength, endurance, and adaptability ( if I remember correctly ) yet it says "Unable to use this item effectively with present attributes". I am displeased by the abrupt halt, I'm stuck on the Ruin Sentinels and I've seen the strategy with the Pilgrim companion/ally.
30 Strength, but probably you already knew that, or you gave up a long time ago.
You can two hand this and do the whole ruin sentinal fight, takes ages but different I guess
Highly suggest greatsword/ultra builds should use this,unlike other greatshields,this shield prevents u from taking physical damage while blocking since other greatshields still allow some damage to your hp when hit.
well that is more or less wrong
Id say that if you use a greatshield you will usually upgrade it and that means that there are other shields with 100dmg res wich on top have way better elemental resists. for example the gyrm or the drakekeepers or havel. but hey do as you please.
Praise the sun!
Oddly enough, this shield is used by Syan Soldiers but they do not drop it.
So what? It's a pick-up gear
What the actual f are you talking about? This is not the only 100% absorption greatshield. Dragonrider, Havel's, Dragonkeeper's, Gyrm, Pursuer per sep. How can you live up with being that damn stupid?
PvP with Immolation! Excellent PVE support! I am experimenting with 7 Spell Slots (40 att.) and optional Southern Ritual Band +1/2 tl;dr Cast 1 War and 2. Tox to zone for a safe 3, Immolation and hope for 4. Cham 5-7 incl. two of game's best wake-up atks, your choice of arson as your mileage may vary) 1. Warmth will fully heal you from almost dead even with Immolation on. 2. Toxic Mist Pyro the warmth, or leave be and zone another area for casting Immolation. 3. Immolation in whichever zone Host isn't 4. Chameleon is positioned here, but the cast is optional (U B surprise how often after this combo, you will have space to pull it off. Either they're camping the Warmth, or you're inside your toxic cloud.) You can run around HOST without having to break Chameleon and STILL cause damage. Works great against a slow weapon punish whiffs on your Cham, or spell casters go haywire and have to switch to melee KEK 5. Great Combustion in case they aggro after Harry Potter move or zoning fails. (happens to be DaS2 best wake-up atk) 6. Great Fireball type for harrassment 7, Fire Whip multi-tool. Big dmg on one target, great PvE small enemy gank killer, not out-ranged by much, maybe spears, but Host's can't avoid a trade, which will stagger their follow-up R1. SOUTHERN Ritual Band +1 both slots MORE Fire Whip! +2 Forbidden Sun, especially when you have access to twilight herb. SEED of the GIANTS for lulz (25% chance each invader sprouts new seed) BUILD is lots of poise, decent armor, all the way to 70% Equip in order to shorten your roll and backstep distances. Either Stone Ring or Ivory Warrior Ring or both so your damage penalizes their poise or stamina bar, or BOTH. With ONE main powerful weapon that can chunk enough estus off with a punish to negate, and can deal with PvE ganks by thinning ranks in a few hits. And TWO an off-hand compliment weapon that keeps you within Immolation range. I ranked up in CoC, so I'm using The VANQUISHER's SEAL ring, making my bare fists the off hand (out-dmg Caestus, forearm blocks like small shield w/2-handed, plus Powerstance & Parry.) MY SWORD is the Lost Sinner's Sword UGS, because low weight, low stamina, infused hits like a truck, the Warmth offsets user-dmg. The dream is: Rolling 2HR1 thrust counter atk (OLD LEO) flowing super fast into 2 or more of the horizontal 2HR1 (maybe 3rd best reach after Fume & Grstswd UGS) for the ability to to take out someone at 40 or 50%, or burst damage PvE mobs to thin ranks. OR the oh-so-dangerous but satisfying UGS super-parry after Roll 2HR1 atk or baited atk. ( Catiyruges YT vid claims the LSS UGS Roll 2HR1 => 2HR1+2HR1 is best quick burst of damage in the game) Have fun. Basically the Immolation is only there for PvP, like I said. It's a more sporting spell than Acid Surge. Unless you plan on going PvP as a BLUE sentinel, and the HavelMage Wretches deserve it. Watch them Fat Roll away from an Incandescent Arbiter spirit hoping the Warmth will save her.