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did know about some of these combos
This and the newspaper scrap are simple to get to with a hacked flyer of either size
This is the first set of golden robots. The ragged dvd is not in the desert it is in the city ruins close to the access to robo dojo with the red crates
I just remote controlled one of the flying machines and flew to it from the top of the building with the red "box fort." You have to press X wisely but it works.
Or just jump Glide + Pod kick, jump again Glide + Pod kick and then air dash followed by another Glide + Pod Kick that method is more efficient
i cant be the only one who thinks this a porno DVD can i?



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Nope, you aren't the only one...
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Nah, there’s so much stuffs of showing school girls besides ***** in Japan...Gravia, Idol DVDs...also this is kinda ridiculous but ***** is actually illegal in Japan so they came up with Adult Video with bunch of censoring.
the idiot who put the advice on how to get this clearly didn't try it out, as you can NOT do the upward rising attack in midair after a jump
You can, you just need to hold the jump button down until the lod grabs you then press the light attack button.
Just as easily you can get a running start, jump, dash, double jump, pod fling then hover, works just as well.
There is no double jump after dash.


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Finally managed to do this on the computer with KB/Mouse. First, get the Type-40 Fist from the Hackable Chest behind some crates next to the Resistance Camp Access Point. Second, get in position on the roof across the street from the chest. It's the one with the horseshoe-arrangement of crates. Third, slot every Movement Speed and Evade Distance Chip you have, and your Type-40 Fist Weapon. The reason is this is the only weapon that you can easily get this early on that has an aerial 5-swing combo, and does NOT have a ground-slam! Get a running start, Jump off the edge, then spam the Fist Light Atk 5 times. While you're spamming, you can safely let go of everything else and position your fingers for Pod Fling (Jump + Pod Light Atk). Once you've been flung, don't let go of Jump, just move your middle finger to hold down Forward until you get there, because you can still catch the ledge and pull yourself up!
Geez. Anyone coming along in 2021+ ignore this guy's "advice." You don't need any special chips or weapons. Just do what everyone else said: pod jump > jump > pod kick > dash.
is this Kikyo person was the celebrity that got killed in Shinjuku by legion?