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Ring of Favor +3 is located on a branch in the middle of the poison swamp area. Best aquired after dropping the angel controlling blob on the roof in the main swamp area.
here's an interesting info, at the place where you find the Stone-humped Hag, if you look far away, some buildings are clearly moving, like they have just sank down.


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I'm sure this has been discovered but I noticed it's not in the walkthrough. After the tower falls near the first Angel corpse, you can return to the room where you fought the two overgrown Knights, and there will be a hole in the wall. You can walk through this hole ave across the fallen tower to find an npc hollow. Can't remember his name. After exhausting his dialogue there he will move to the next bonfire, at the earthen peak rings. Proceeding past him you can drop down another path where you can find another spell that I can't remember the name of and a different ledge to drop down to the earthen peak ruins bonfire.


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There's also another banner you can pick up off a body in this same side route.
Giant door shield section is worded very poorly
Also, that "hollow" that you kill for the twinkling titanite gets rid of the angels. You can get rid of them both
In the area where you find the Murky Staff, there is an illusory wall, leading to the corpse on the balcony & Soul Dregs sorcery
Also if you drop off of the balcony right by that sorcery, you can find the covetous silver serpent ring +3
Hooooly crap, the angel ****s have me raging.