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By Anonymous
just look at him, i know he's a black smith
By Anonymous
Should have the table of his merch and price
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By MineSlimeTV
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Wow! I did not even realized it was not even present!
By Anonymous
He accidentally fall off the cliff now im gonna wait hours for him to come back
By Anonymous
He say someting if you kill chloanne?
By Anonymous
Is no one going to talk about the fact that he is the only NPCs that is hollow
By Anonymous
Always wondered why he was hollow but McDuff wasn't, even though McDuff's dialogue is decidedly more hollow-esque. Did they mix up the blacksmiths by mistake?
By Anonymous
its because mcduff had lost purpose, but lenigrast hadn't you meet only a bit after he was locked out
By Anonymous
technically, most NPC are undead

lenigrast is a bit advanced on the physical side, but grounded by his work and his daughter, other like maughlin and cale are grounded by their passion and issues (but go hollow mentally once those are resolved), lucratiel is starting to be cursed physically and lose her memory slowly. some are unaffected and maybe human, some are part monster (emerald herald : dragon, nashandra: dark, navlan, aida)
the only "confirmed" non undead human is felkin ("this is a land for undead... and a few madmen like me").
By Anonymous
Anyone else noticed that he's the only NPC who doesn't lose his memory like Lucatiel, Maughlin, Cale, etc?

Could it be because he wasn't summoned to Drangleic by the Emerald Herald and came by himself (to find his daughter maybe)?
By Anonymous
His main purpose is to smith weapons. It's what he enjoys and does all the time. Why would he go hollow then?
By Anonymous
This is true of all the smiths. They have a singular purpose that always needs fulfilling,
and they do fulfill it, so the curse doesn't quite affect them the same.
By Anonymous
why does this page not have the items he has for sale listed?
By Anonymous
This guy is Hollow but sane
While McDuff is Human but insane
By Anonymous
You will need to two hand your great sword to beat his great sword :)
By officegossip
Can’t even quote this loser.

Andre > every blacksmith.
By Anonymous
Bugger off. Vamos for life.
By Anonymous
Andre is bland and uninteresting and is only loved for the same reason Solaire is. Nostalgia and rose tinted glasses.
By Anonymous
Andre and solaire are both friendly and likeable, Leningrast is the dude who keeps trying to tell you about “back in my day”